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  1. afro-girl

    Transferring to CSU

    I'm thinking about transferring to the Communications (Journalism) next year from an Arts course at Sydney Uni. Does anyone know how difficult it is to transfer to CSU??
  2. afro-girl

    Thoughts on the exam

    well i wrote 11 for q1 and 10 for q2 kind of screwed the second one up a bit... really need to think about what i write before i write it lol :S but personally i dont think you have to definitively state whether munslow is a postmodernist or whatever - the important thing is how he...
  3. afro-girl

    HSC Drama Links

    whaaaat? no tragedy links... :mad1:
  4. afro-girl

    Module B

    the annoying thing was that if you had a personal response which fitted this question, which i know a lot of people did (for wuthering heights anyway whicnh is what i studied) then it really worked for you mine had nothing to do with that.. but i just had to kind of twist my thesis Hopefully...
  5. afro-girl

    French Cont. Dictionary

    yeah im pretty sure you can. thats what my teacher told us anyway.
  6. afro-girl

    rosencrantz and guildenstern

    a guy from my school adapted it for his IP last year. if you do it right and make it your own - i dont see why it cant be just as amazing.
  7. afro-girl

    major work proposal

    woot TWO people i know :) wow NO MORE project yay!
  8. afro-girl

    Poetry notes on RTFG

    We are doing Seamus heaney's poetry as part of RTFG?? has anyone done it/ is doing it .. and do you have any notes on the poems?? thanks xx
  9. afro-girl

    The World of Pick-Up Line

    LOL!!! AWESOME THREAD... (heres 2 my friend says he uses) "Your pants would look good on my lampshade" "Here's 50 cents, call your mum and tel her you won't be coming home tonight"
  10. afro-girl

    RACHEL - Aboriginal poetry

    we've been doing aboriginal poetry in extension and i wondered if anyone had read this poem and they could give me some insight into it
  11. afro-girl

    whats so good about sex??

    lol wateva
  12. afro-girl

    So depressed

    its life i guess :( it sucks sometimes.. a lot of the time actually
  13. afro-girl

    whats so good about sex??

    err excuse me.. i object.. what is wrong with an afro on a girl??? and stop generalising mr know it all
  14. afro-girl

    whats so good about sex??

    lol well i did.. for a while.. but he was crap.. i think he was a wannabe man whore rather than nething else
  15. afro-girl

    WHERE did you lose your virginity?

    under a swimming pool
  16. afro-girl

    whats so good about sex??

    yeah i get ur point sex really needs more than one person actually caring about whats going on for it to b even a little bit alrite
  17. afro-girl

    whats so good about sex??

    lol i hate to ask.. but whats starfish syndrome??
  18. afro-girl

    how fast is 2 fast? he he

    well.. like ti really depends i suppose.. but why not if its likely that this person is a weird stalker with an axe whos gonna stand outside ur house 24 hours a day its probably a bad idea... but seriously why not? really theres no such thing as too fast time is relative... so id say go 4 it
  19. afro-girl

    whats so good about sex??

    lol regarding the first kiss thing... ur rite thats so overated 2.... like my friend shs been out with 3 different guys and hasbven kiss ne of them coz she wants to 'save' it and im like isnt this taking this whole thing a little too far a kiss is just a kiss
  20. afro-girl

    Does she like me?

    lol well she could be a flirt she could like u or she could just be a little weird .... i reckon she might like you but as the last 5000 ppl have already mentioned ask her i mean whats the worst thing that could happen?