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    4unit maths is so not worth it!!

    4 unit is not worth it. I ended spending so much time doing four unit that my other subjects suffered. and you need to do that work just to even try to get a good mark. For 1 extra unit, you have to do atleast double the work of 3 unit.
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    advanced science units

    Could someone please tell me how to go about enrolling to do advanced biol: ecosystems to genes and human biology. I emailed the biology department about doing them, but i have got no reply and dont know what do do next.
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    i agree, i didnt study at all for the school cert, and i still went well. its mostly multiple choice
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    So who got in? And what Course?

    b science/b nursing
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    is anyone here studying AWAY?

    Away uses shakespearian allusions when making reference to a midsummers nights dream(MSND), king lear, the tempest and twelfth night. The quote from a MSND is used to close MSND, but opens away, while it is the reverse for king lear, were the opening scene is used to close away. A good idea is...
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    Physic sMarks

    Physic Marks What marks and bands did people get:confused:
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    Chemistry marks

    Whats marks and bands did people get:confused:
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    3 Unit Maths marks

    what marks and bands did people get:confused:
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    2003 results

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    What marks and bands did people get in biology?:confused:
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    2003 Students - Perfect 100?

    What marks did they get to recieve a UAI of 100
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    Ratio Boy To Girl In Chem

    we had 3 in our class, 2 girls and 1 boy. We started with 3 boys and 5 girls
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    Genetics option

    I don't mention specific information, as they don't ask for your conclusions, just how it was processed and analysed
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    Answers - Multiple Choice

    i got A for 6 and A for 15, but i wasn't completly sure.
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    Was it just me...?

    i worte that it was an endotherm, then crossed it out because of the changing body temperature with the increasing temperature. Endotherms are usually represented by a straight line, not one that increases. IT was confusing, made me think, but though on the wrong wave length.
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    raw mark band 5???80???dun tink so?

    the last two years paper were heaps easier then this years paper. There were hardly any trick questions, not like this year in the multiple choice.
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    Forensic Chemistry - help with notes plz!!!!

    Does any one have any summary notes for this option. Our notes from school are crap. :(
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    "Alternative" ME2 Exam Paper

    where did you get it from.
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    Official Question 2 Thread - Creative Writing

    I stuffed this question. I did the wedding picture and wrote it as the father of the bride remembering his daughters life up to that momment. I only wrote 3 pages. REally stuffed it, don't know if i did it right
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    Official Question 2 Thread - Creative Writing

    I think i stuffed this section. i used the wedding photo and wrote it from the perspective of the father of the bride remembering his daughters life before giving her away. I only wrote three pages. I must have really stuffed this question.