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  1. Leap

    03's - have you got your Major Work back yet?

    I haven't gotten mine back for extn 2, weren't they meant to come back in March or something?
  2. Leap

    Basic Chemistry Questions...

    I have these worksheets due for Human Biology and Biochemistry, and I haven't done Chem since year 10 so yeah I don't know a lot of the basic stuff. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a few things that I'm stuck on: 1.Cobalt and Nickel have about the same atomic masses, how is this...
  3. Leap

    Crime Fiction - Quotes from The Big Sleep

    I have absolutely no quotes from the Big Sleep, can someone help me out?? :(
  4. Leap

    effect of Carbon dioxide on the pH of water

    For the effect of carbon dioxide on the pH of water prac, would the result just be that the water is more acidic? This seems to be all I've written. Is that correct?
  5. Leap

    Variety of related texts??

    One of my related texts is a poem, its really good for techniques, but I am also doing The Door as my text from the stimulus booklet. Do you think it matters that they're both poems, seeing as we're meant to do a variety of related texts? :(
  6. Leap

    1.55pm - 5.00pm!! That has got to be the *worst* time slot!

    Argh - thats gonna be a loooooong day! I hate afternoon exams, I always feel waaay more tired. And it doesn't end until 5? Thats just too long. 3 hours of IPT *shudder*
  7. Leap

    Techniques in Frontline??

    Help! What techniques are used in Frontline? I have all the usual ones like satire, irony, humour etc...but does anyone have any more, or any specific techniques relating to each episode? :(
  8. Leap

    Quick question on Frontline -

    How many related texts do we need for Frontline? And how many episodes do we need to refer to in a response?
  9. Leap

    Data Flow / Context Diagrams

    Sorry if someone has already asked this, but what is the difference between Data Flow Diagrams and Context Diagrams?
  10. Leap

    What's the best thing to eat for breakfast on an exam day??

    We need food that gives maximum brainpower...So what are you going to eat on the morning before an exam?
  11. Leap

    Help! DNA replication

    I've never understood the whole DNA replication thing in part 4 of Blueprint of life - the syllabus point is: describe the process of DNA replication and explain its significance Can anyone explain this in simple terms?
  12. Leap

    Communication - Depth Perception

    Can anyone explain to me what Depth Perception is? For some reason its not in my notes Its a syllabus point in Part 3 of Communication: 'explain how the production of two diferent images of a view can result in depth perception'
  13. Leap

    Range of Frequencies - Communication Prac

    I can't find any information for this dot point: Process information from secondary sources to outline the range of frequencies detected by humans as sound and compare this range with two other mammals, discussing possible reasons for the differences identified Any help will be...
  14. Leap

    Communication Dot point - Photoreceptor cells

    Does anyone have any information, or useful websites for this dot point: Process & Analyse information from secondary sources to compare and describe the nature and functioning of photreceptor cells in mammals, insects and in one other animal
  15. Leap

    *keels over and dies*

    I have had a crazy few days! You know how there were gale force winds on sunday? Well on Sunday afternoon, halfway through my reflection statement, there was a power surge and we lost all electricity. We had no power again until Tuesday morning. I was so worried about my major work because my...
  16. Leap

    Who has a title for their major work??

    It just occured to me that I have no idea what to call my story.. Has everyone else thought of their title? :( Its just one more thing to stress about
  17. Leap

    An odd question, but help me out here guys...

    Ok, you know the term 'scapegoat'? If scapegoats really were GOATS - you know the bleating kind - would the noise they make sound like Scaaaaarp" or "Scrraaap" or what? (say it aloud to hear the difference) I originally thought Scaaarp but my teacher just said that it doesn't sound...
  18. Leap

    Answers to the questions

    I just spoke to my extn 2 teacher and I asked her that list of questions we made in the Reflection - Bibliography!?! thread last night. 1. Does everyone need a bibliograhpy? She said no (apart from critical response) just make sure you've listed in your journal all the sources you used for...
  19. Leap

    So...who hates their major work?

    I certainly hate mine :(
  20. Leap

    Blueprint syllabus point

    Does anyone have any information for this syllabus point in column 3 of the 1st part of Blueprint?: use available evidence to analyse, using a named example, how advances in technology have changed scientific thinking about evolutionary relationships any help is appreciated! :p