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  1. lessa!!

    John Foulcher's Poems

    :uhoh: hey i need help my assighnment needs to be in in 3 weeks i need to know about the poem and john foulches background PLEAS HELP
  2. lessa!!

    Bussiness without a teacher! HELP

    i do business studies without a teacher even harder
  3. lessa!!

    What Cars does everyone drive??

    its cute u can take me drivin anyday lol jj
  4. lessa!!

    how many people do this?

    hey i do tafe through school
  5. lessa!!

    What subjects are you thinking of dropping next yr?

    buisness studies is easy for me but i might be dropping it dunno yet i droped maths this year so thats gorn but i picked up hospitality i like hospitality, primary industries is awsome not getting rid of that , im not getting rid of child studies i might get rid of SLR that bores me :hammer:
  6. lessa!!

    Half-Yearly Thoughts

    hey i havent even done my half yearlys yet!!!!!!!!!!
  7. lessa!!

    Hillarious Anal Sex Story

    me and my friends read it we all cracked up lol its was fuckin funny......... the dog bit was a bit slack tho ......
  8. lessa!!

    Identity - Area of Study - Related Texts?

    Re: English Assessment Help do shrek or the little man or a good 1 is the song big yellow taxi i just finished mine im just waiting for my markes to come back