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    Pathways to Medicine?

    Nope! Fee help is only required for full fee places, at some unis like Notre dame or bond, otherwise all other unis are covered with hecs!
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    Best Undergrad Degree?

    I am glad you are staying away from strictly science degrees, lots of people do them and never get into medicine, leaving them with a degree with very limited career prospects! You should really do whatever you like, and can imagine yourself doing for the rest of your life if you never got into...
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    ATAR required for Medicine at UNSW

    With a 99.4 would need probably around a 94+ umat and a strong interview. Any lower and you need a higher umat.
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    HELP on Medicine Interviews

    Hi! So all universities use atars in a different way. For UWS, atar is just a threshold, so you are invited for an interview based only on your umat score (this year s1 + s2 + 0.1 of s3) Once atars come out and you meet the 93.5 (GWS) or 95.5, place offers are based mostly on interview, a...
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    ranks needed for 98+ ATAR

    I got a 98.95, and my school was ranked 26th this year. I was ranked: English advanced-2/21 Biology-2/11 Chemistry-2/6 Geo- 1/6 2 unit- 8/13 3 unit-3/8 Hope that helps!
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    Share your 2017 HSC results here

    98.95 :spin: like I am so happy but at the same time a bit sad :detective: