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  1. Leap

    your current favourite song

    Rebellion (lies) by The Arcade Fire
  2. Leap

    Vaccinations for Clinical Placement

    Yeah I've done 3 placements as well and no-ones ever asked to actually see the vaccination record, though I agree it's good to be fully vaccinated. Once when I was on placement at a hospital in Newcastle all the staff were getting flu shots and I got badgered into getting one of those, but...
  3. Leap

    What are you currently Reading?

    The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  4. Leap

    Cumbo Students

    My course is 4 yrs too, but in 1st and 2nd years we still have to do pracs in our holidays...don't you just hate Cumbo sometimes...
  5. Leap

    Cumbo Students

    Ouch! Thats insane! I hate it how we have to do clinical in our holidays! I had to do clinical in the holidays between semester 1 and 2 this year, nearly killed me I needed a break so bad.
  6. Leap

    Cumbo Students

    Hey congrats to everyone! No more uni for almost 3 months! I ended up with 2 of everything 2 passes, 2 credits, 2 distinctions, 2 high distinctions
  7. Leap

    Cumbo Students

    I got 3 results today and I'm kinda shitty about one of them. I got a pass in Cognition and Cognitive Impairment and I was a bit suprised because I thought I went well in the exam and I got a credit in the assignment so I was expecting at least a credit. Do you guys know if its possible to...
  8. Leap

    Cumbo Students

    Me too!! Can't believe it! :) I felt like I'd never get there
  9. Leap

    Cumbo Students

    Has anyone had to sit an exam in B block foyer? I had body systems 1 there this morning and I thought it was a bit weird to actually have all the tables in the foyer. Surely there was an actual room somewhere where they could have held it? :rolleyes:
  10. Leap

    Cumbo Students

    Quant was so long! I got about half way and felt like I was going to fall asleep.
  11. Leap

    Uni libraries...

    I think there is some fiction in the health science library, You know downstairs near the photocopying room they have those shelves of books? Most of them are dictionaries and stuff, but there is one shelf of fiction.
  12. Leap

    Cumbo Students

    That would totally suck having to do extra stuff for FAB!! From what I remember, there was sooooo much stuff to cram just as it was. I think they scaled us quite a bit for FAB, not as much as FAA though. Cause I knew a lot more for FAB than FAA, but I got similar marks for both in the end...
  13. Leap

    Cumbo Students

    Lol, I hated anatomy B too. Last semester I thought it was the most horrible subject possible - and then along comes Kinesiology. I can't even convey how much Kinesiology sucks ARRRGHHHH. I dunno if physios have to do it though, lucky you if you don't :( my timetable: Tuesday: Cognition &...
  14. Leap

    OT students

    Whats with all this Sydney bashing? I'm a 2nd year at Sydney. I'd never heard anything at all about Newcastle uni until I did my 2nd year placement in Newcastle. While I was there, all the OTs from Newcastle uni were all practically falling over themselves trying to prove how much better...
  15. Leap

    Cumbo Exam Thread...

    It got sent to me in an email from the year co-ordinator. Maybe check your uni email if you haven't already?
  16. Leap

    Cumbo Exam Thread...

    Arrrgh :( Just saw my timetable for next semester - uni 5 days a week. I dunno how I'm gonna cope without fridays off! :eek:
  17. Leap

    Cumbo Exam Thread...

    Yeah Stuvac definitely wasn't long enough, and I had an assignment due in the middle of it which took up all my time instead of study :( Functional Anatomy B was pretty bad...but then all anatomy exams are. :chainsaw: I'm just hoping they scale it as much as they scaled anatomy A last...
  18. Leap

    Uni students - do you have a part-time job while studying at uni?

    I go to uni Monday to Thursday and usually work 20 hours over the weekend. It can get kinda busy towards the middle of semester, and at exam time but it worked out ok last semester. And its sort of relevent to the degree which is always good.
  19. Leap

    O day @ CUMBO

    I went last year. Its a pretty boring day, but they do tell you some useful stuff, mainly just about timetables, handing in assessments, using the library etc. I guess most of that stuff you can figure out for yourself anyway, or find out from someone else. But in the end I was glad I went...
  20. Leap

    HELP i applied for radiation therpy but MyUni says im enroled in BAppSc Physiotherapy

    Are you talking about WebCT? I'm a 2nd year OT student and on my WebCT I have a thing for 1st year physiotherapy. Its just a glitch I think, it seems to happen a lot with WebCT, I've had subjects I'm not enrolled in pop up there too.