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    Help with question please

    I was looking through the past HSC questions and this one sorta confuzzled me. "How significant was the military victory in the Civil War for the consolidation of power in the period up to 1924?" Like I know you would mention it was the last major source of internal opposition and allowed...
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    Internal Rank

    Aright, so i got back my trial economics exam today and after adding up all of the years assessment marks my final rank is 2nd 0.07 behind 1st (>.<). So im wondering when the ranks are sent off, will i be counted as 2nd or equal 1st?
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    Doing different option?

    Hey guys I need some advice. I‘m thinking of doing different options for two of my subjects? For legal studies my class is doing consumer law; however I’m thinking it would be better if I do World Order as I’m more interested in it and it relates to the core Human Rights and the...