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    ISYS123 or ISYS114?

    Was wondering if anyone has more knowledge about which one of these courses is better and more relevant to someone who's doing Applied Finance/Law. Which of these actually teaches you how to use computer programs, spreadsheets n databases? I dont really want to learn about algorithms or writing...
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    two dot-points of 500-440BC

    hey does anyone know if these two dot-points need to be learnt and what are the chances of them asking a question on the two * key democractic developments: influence of thetes, ostracism, citizenship law * nature, composition and acitivities of the Peloponnesian League it seems this...
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    What did Davy contribute?

    i'm finding his contribution really obscure....like wat the heck wat the key thing he discovered? All texts say that he used Volta's pile to electrolyse water, and decomposed molten salts, soemthng like that. But what does that show about electron transfer movements? What was the discovery? And...
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    The Dioscuri

    Does anyone know what some of the historians have said about the Dioscuri? it's under myths and legends.......they don't seem to have been very Spartan, otehr than having grown up in Sparta...otherwise mostly worshipped by the Romans
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    william camden

    did anyone use that guy for elizabeth I?
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    so bloody confused....

    is richard evans a pm or m or in between?
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    how big do our log books have to be?

    i have about one A4 sized journal, and i hope i'll fill it up...maybe i'll have a A4 48 pg exericse book to paste draft essays etc in...would that be enough....i saw some people from last yrs and they were hell fat, like pgs n pgs n pgs of info.some even had fat overflowing binder folders...hmmm...
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    sample answers

    hey does anyone know where to get sample hsc answers? I'm having trouble with answering section I, dont know exactly how to approach the sources given and which historians to pick that are appropriate....worst of all, sometimes i dun even get what the source is on about so if u know of any...
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    Do the markers care about orginality?

    since this is the last year of doing journeys, all the texts that can be used for imaginative journeys have just about been used so my question is, being the last year, if a large number of people chose related texts like "alice in wonderland" and "where the wild things are", woudl that affect...
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    someone clarify this for me

    so what exactly does postmodernism mean? not interms of art or philosophy or wtv, jsut in the context of history! someone give me a proper definition and what postmodernist historians views are...plz i'm really confused
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    how far is everyone into their major work?

    i'm about almost one quarter of the way into journal, tho got lotta info but haven't put them in
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    trouble with electrolysis

    I'm really confused between the normal galvanic cell and the electrolytic cell, especially differentiating between the cathod and anode in the elctrolytic, r they switched or what?
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    What marks classify as A-range in this course??

    so... anyone know?
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    log book question

    with the log books, do we need to provide analysis of each source we use in terms of its reliability etc? i was thinking wouldn't that be really A LOT of wrok each we went about doing that to each one? so far i have only pasted in info i got off the net, read thru and highlighted relevant...
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    Does anyone have this cartoon?

    Hey I am looking for this Leunig cartoon, dunno wat the title is, but it shows 7 people lying in the gutter, but 3 of them are staring at "stars" of Nicole, Kylie and Russell. I need this as a related text for imaginative journeys. If you have this cartoon, it'd be greatly appreciated if u...
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    Doesn't it suck being the last year doing journeys?

    I find it really difficult, especially when it comes to finding related material. Meh just about every text u find that can possibly be linked to whichever journey ur doing has already been used by the years b4, there's nothing new to write about them. I got given this whole booklet of past...
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    Mao the unknown story - Jung Chang

    I'm looking at examing the methologies used by the author in her portrayal of Mao and how her conclusions r influenced by her context etc. i've been talking to my teacher, examninign Mao is really broad, so i should pick on an aspect of Mao to focus on in relation to Chang's book. My problem...
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    Damien Leith's single

    Is that out yet? Has anyone heard it, any good?
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    what stimulus text to use for imaginative?

    is the ivory trail the most commonly used stimulus text for imaginative? would anyone recommend journey to the interior?
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    What good movie have u seen lately?

    so if you have, please share! :)