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    Noob Questions

    Some pretty noobish questions here. Basically, I'm planning on doing the Bachelor of Education (Secondary:Humanities and Social Sciences)/Bachelor of Arts at UoS. I'll be taking a gap year next year so this will start in 2014. I've been reading about the course structure here -...
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    BOS ATAR Estimations

    Someone estimated 87-92 for me, that was halfway through the year. I got 89.45 so I suppose that's definitely accurate, nice.
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    2012 HSC Geography Exam Predictions Thread

    They are not allowed to do this. When the exam layout was decided to be changed in 2008, the BOS released a statement detailing that from 2010 onwards, there would be a choice from 3 essay questions with 2 to be completed. They would have had to specify if it was going to be changed to two only...
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    ONE urban dynamic?

    Yep, sure did.
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    ONE urban dynamic?

    Don't sweat it! You can blab on about urban renewal in Pyrmont (or whichever dynamic/case study you're doing) with surprisingly little information. It's good to have the information, but common sense prevails in geography more than most other subjects. It's also terribly unlikely that we will...
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    ONE urban dynamic?

    If they asked for one you'd still be expected to talk about others, and how they affect that one urban dynamic. For example if you selected urban renewal, you would have to explain that it comes about due to urban decay, and that the renewal of the area can often lead to urban consolidation. I...
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    2012 HSC Geography Exam Predictions Thread

    Well, for Sydney as an example you would write about how urban decay in harbourside suburbs such as Pyrmont has come about due to less imports/exports by sea, or how a growing demand for inner-city jobs due to growing economic enterprises in the area has resulted in urban consolidation, etc.
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    2012 HSC Geography Exam Predictions Thread

    Megacities on its own hasn't come up since 2003, combined with the fact that world cities has come up in 2 of the past 3 years, it's looking good. So I'd say definitely not world cities, 75% megacities and maybe 20% something like "Explain the relationships between the urban dynamics and the...
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    General Thoughts: Ancient History

    Is the band 5 cut off really usually around 65? If so then I fell MUCH better about this. I was expecting low-mid 70's..
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    2012 HSC predictions for Pompeii and Herculaneum?

    Ah true that! Not sure what I was thinking...perhaps a 12-15 marker on how Sparta was governed?
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    P&H short answers (2012 HSC)

    Religion has been in the last two papers so I don't really see it occurring this year, maybe something on social structure or political life? I was also pretty sure about ethics but someone made a solid point that it doesn't really relate to Pompeii itself as much...ie you're talking about...
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    2012 HSC predictions for Pompeii and Herculaneum?

    As would I! ^ I'll give my own predictions for the sections I'm doing though in the meantime. Section II - Sparta I think they'll most certainly ask about the helots or perioikoi or possibly even both in the one question. They've done a 12 marker on the perioikoi before and considering they've...
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    How does it all work?

    Hey guys, Basically, I want to be a secondary teacher majoring in Ancient History with an English minor. I want to go to Macquarie University for this. I'm a little unsure about how the degree actually works. I'll obviously be doing a 'Bachelor of Arts with the Diploma of Education with a...
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    Is it possible to improve rankings in year 12?

    It's totally possible and works both ways - a lot of people hardly try in year 11, be it consciously or subconsciously, and so when they start firing in year 12 the people who were at the top in year 11 find themselves with a lot more competition. Take a girl from my school for example, she came...
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    Advanced English

    Absolutely. Make sure you're prepared when assessments come around because in all honesty they're not as hard as they seem, especially if you're lucky enough to get the question/s beforehand. I went pretty badly in the prelim course for Advanced, I was ranked about 20th at the end of the year...
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    I found section 1 to be by far the hardest unseen texts I've seen in all of the past papers & trials. Also section 2 creative question was stupid....corniest images to choose from. Heck, I hardly used an image at all. Section 3 was actually okay...I think.
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    HSC and its Multiple Problems

    We should have an SAT-style exam; I quite like that system. You sit your SAT's in junior year (yr 11), and if you don't like what you get then you sit them again in senior year (yr 12). If you somehow do worse in year 12 then your year 11 mark counts. How good is that for preparation? If you...
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    Skrzynecki analysis!!

    I use about 4 techniques per poem, most of which are based within quotes. I'm doing Postcard and Feliks. Personally, I think 4 is the safe amount. But for Postcard, as an example, I have about 8 or 9 quotes ready to use if they ask us about communities or connection to people/relationships.
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    Anybody wanna make bets on paper 1 Theme?

    I legitimately wouldn't even know how to respond to that...