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    How does Extension 1 maths rank work?

    Let's say if we I'm ranked 90th in extension 1 out of 150 people doing the course. However, im doing the extension 2 course and there is 100 people doing it. Is the internal mark I receive 90th out of 100th or 90th out of 150? Is people doing the extension 2 course sharing the same pool of marks...
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    Road to 97 ATAR

    Sydney Tech 13' Exactly 25 days to Assesment Week Goals English: Write up 3 sets of Frakenstein Vs Blade Runner Essay: 850 words (one generalised essay and 2 specific essays on a given question.) Draw up quotes from Frankenstein Draw up quotes/techniques from Bladerunner Read Essays...
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    Can the school force me to drop to standard?

    I've done fairly poor in advanced english this year due to my speech and the school has requested me to do standard english. Are they actually able to force you to do standard english or just strongly recommend? if they can only recommend can anyone link me to the board of studies rules and laws...