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    Shops like General Pants

    Soup, What are some shops like General Pants with that non-kind of mainstream clothes to it, if you know what I mean.
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    eCaf - HECS

    Hi, I got accepted my first Uni offer but it wasn't the offer I wanted. I want to wait for my second round offers which might be the courses that I actually want to do. Do I submit an application now for HECS on my first offer or do I wait for second round offer which might be more preferable...
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    Second Offer

    So fags, I applied for Bachelor of Commerece w/ B. of Arts but didn't get into it and tonight, I was offered Bachelor of Arts at Macq. One thing I wanted to know is: If you don't accept or decline the first round offer and wait til the second round offer, but that isn't what you preferrably...