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  1. B33FS00P


    Oh no you're right May cat, I was just more referring as to whether it would be possible to get a later edition.. because i'd rather not pay an extra $100 for a new book as opposed to a slightly older edition.
  2. B33FS00P


    Yeah i'd really like to have some books by now but the whole getting the right edition thing is a bit of a restriction. Anyways Prazo, lectures start in a couple of days so i guess there wouldn't be too much harm waiting until then. Also i'll see you in accg100. (Y)
  3. B33FS00P

    Anyone doing uniWISE?

    I'm the same as you guys, 21st. Also going in to enrol in units tomorrow
  4. B33FS00P

    what subject should i drop!?

    Drop which ever subject you hate the most. If you can't decide at the current point in time, then maybe wait to half yearly as everyone else says and then you can take into account results too. From my own experiences i dropped a subject at start of yr 12 which i was performing alright in, yet...
  5. B33FS00P

    ATARs of people who did standard english

    Business Studies 93 Std Eng 85 Gen Maths 89 Mod Hist 87 Economics 76 ATAR 89.4 (School ranking like 350 or something)
  6. B33FS00P

    Macq 2013

    Probably accounting at this stage, although i'm not 100%. Anyway we've got the first year to decide which is nice. What are you looking at getting into prazo?
  7. B33FS00P

    Macq 2013

    I'll be starting in 2013, Commerce/Arts hopefully :)
  8. B33FS00P

    Commerce accounting major

    Would someone be able to confirm that the accounting major in the bachelor of commerce is accredited by cpa etc, provided the correct accounting units are taken? I always thought this was the case however have seen a couple of posts stating that only the professional accounting degree is...
  9. B33FS00P

    General Discussion of Business Studies

    I'd have to agree with Examine on the idea that no one topic is harder than another, it just depends on where your interests lie. Human resources was was pretty boring for me too, thus was one of my weaker points. I found the other topics to be quite good. In business if you know your stuff...
  10. B33FS00P

    Main round consideration

    Yeah.. a friend said we'd have until tomorrow night (the end of the 4th), except i would normally take midnight to signal rolling over to the next day, thus was a bit confused. I'm still tossing up between a single or double degree, thats why i'd love an extra few hours haha. Thanks guys
  11. B33FS00P

    Main round consideration

    Just confirming that when UAC says cutoff is the 4th Jan at midnight, this means after the day of the 4th, not before the day of the fourth... Sorry for the noob question.
  12. B33FS00P

    Which textbook is the best?

    I can't really speak for any others but i used Business Studies in Action and i would probably have to say it was the best textbook i had during my HSC. Since my teacher was shit i basically had to teach myself, used solely that book and still managed to do well. It can be text heavy at times...
  13. B33FS00P

    Info Days!

    Wow... not a single person on here going to Macq?
  14. B33FS00P

    B Commerce with B Arts

    I also have B Arts/B Comm at Macq as my first preference. To answer your question, there will be higher level maths involved in the core units of the course, at a 2unit level i believe (2-3 units at most). You aren't the only one though, i only did general maths and will also have to complete...
  15. B33FS00P

    Section II - National Studies

    For those of you who also did Germany part b, what did you guys write about?
  16. B33FS00P

    What are you going to miss about high school?

    Totally agree with all of the above.
  17. B33FS00P

    Atar Estimate Please :)

    Thanks for the help guys :D
  18. B33FS00P

    Atar Estimate Please :)

    Yep, not over yet though, externals still to go... sigh.
  19. B33FS00P

    Atar Estimate Please :)

    Hey guys, thanks for your help. Ranks and marks as below; Standard Eng : 5/63, 80% Modern History : 3/23, 92% Business Studies : 1/18, 88% Economics : 3/13, 82% Gen Maths : 5/38, 80% School rank is 159 Aiming for ATAR of 83 for Commerce at Macq :)