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  1. KeypadSDM

    2009 SRC Elections

    Oh, and I backed ACE because they'll be the best. Not for a deal, or a cointoss. That's more than anyone else can say.
  2. KeypadSDM

    2009 SRC Elections

    That's not even close to true, I tripled the informal rate. Prez counts were 10% Inf, 30% Me, 60% Elly Between just me and Elly: 32.5% to me, 67.5% to her. Not the biggest landslide in recent memory, where both grassroots left AND the libs polled less than 30% combined against Kate Laing's...
  3. KeypadSDM

    All local students, Attention!!

    Epic Fail. I've had no troubles with international students. Simply because I've never had the privelage to encounter them (at least with any knowledge of who they are). However, I've heard bad things of some of them - Group assignments, end up doing no work, uncontactable, have gone back home...
  4. KeypadSDM

    Maths tutor available (AMOC/NMSS tutor)

    Ahh Templar, we all want a job ... *sigh*
  5. KeypadSDM

    Snowball 2007

    I'm going alright, even though Muscles isn't. NO CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY LEMON AND LIME, NOOOOOO...
  6. KeypadSDM

    Dude, Theatresports

    Sorry Hiphop, I'm just not funny. I did make a dumbass line about the lawyer thing taking 4 years to recite. That went down ok. But my stagetime was around ... 10 seconds?
  7. KeypadSDM

    Dude, Theatresports

    I might be playing this thursday. Here's hoping for strong teammates. If I'm not playing, I'll be watching ... somewhere ... Your 18th is this thursday, why do you care?
  8. KeypadSDM

    B...b...b...Beachball 07

    Slideshow: http://img101.imageshack.us/slideshow/player.php?id=img101/9154/11737940643vg.smil
  9. KeypadSDM

    im gay

    Funniest attachment ever.
  10. KeypadSDM

    BoS scavenger hunt contestants: 11:00AM Fisher BE THERE!

    Not nearly as hot as: Team 1337 - 0 Points Or as hot as drinking beer from the trophy.
  11. KeypadSDM

    BoS O-Week Meatup '07 TOMMOROW - 12PM - FISHER - BE THERE!!!!

    Re: BoS O-Week Meatup '07 Can't the scavenger team only be 10 people? Will we just "forget" to sign people up?
  12. KeypadSDM

    BoS O-Week Meatup '07 TOMMOROW - 12PM - FISHER - BE THERE!!!!

    Re: BoS O-Week Meatup '07 I:ll be wearing my mad neon genesis tshirt and jeans. Sick.
  13. KeypadSDM

    BoS O-Week Meatup '07 TOMMOROW - 12PM - FISHER - BE THERE!!!!

    Re: BoS O-Week Meatup '07 Oh my God, you're all a bunch of pansies. Just go up to randoms and yell "ARE YOU FROM THE INTERNETS?". Not only will it help with meeting people, you'll get over your fear of rejection pretty quickly too. Jackasses. I'll be there.
  14. KeypadSDM

    O-Week '07 MeetUp!!

    I'm not back from Japan yet, but I have loads of cool stuff (read: Tailor Made Suit & 10kg of belts) from China. I'll be back this thursday morning. I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in the Ramada in shin-Osaka. I'll be heading to Tokyo sunday afternoon, then a flight on wed night after...
  15. KeypadSDM

    O-Week '07 MeetUp!!

    I'll do the scavenger hunt. W00t. I KNOW JANICE, SHE'S COOL WITH THE INTERNETS!
  16. KeypadSDM

    The whole 0.999...=1 argument

    Uhh... 0.99999...= sum[n=1->inf][9/(10^n)] By definition. So just take the limit of that sum - which is nearly trivially 1. For a more esoteric view: Given any recurring or terminating decimal beginning with 0. ... we find that it is either equal to or less than 0.99999.... as in the...
  17. KeypadSDM


    Yeah, it was good. Worse was the drive home with Templar - and his woman. I was a freaking cheafurreeklsdfiojudaroiuao (sp?).
  18. KeypadSDM

    how young is 2 young??

    At least not for long. Paedo's usually die in the first week.
  19. KeypadSDM

    Major problem - is Bcom/Bsci the same as Bsci/Bcom??

    It's technically different. It has no real effect, but all complaints will be redirected to the first course faculty in the list. I.e. for Bcom/Bsci, you enrol through commerce faculty. Changes of subjects involve the commerce faculty, and rarely the science faculty. It's for this reason I...
  20. KeypadSDM

    Open Day Bos Meat

    Lol, bus from central. More like walk from redfern...