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  1. imaiyuki

    Complete Y10 Maths Notes

    just notes for maths, not much else :) contains just about everything in y10, minus radians and logarithms (if you're doing those (but those are in my y11 notes if you need them)). there are some extraneous topics since our school did them (series and sequences etc.), but other than it should be...
  2. imaiyuki

    Need help in a math question

    By "between the lower and upper quartiles" it means Michael scored in the middle 50%, however 64-76 represents the middle 68%, therefore his actual range is a little smaller, thus A
  3. imaiyuki

    Prelim Biology Module 1+2 Detailed Notes for New Syllabus

    ONLY for mod1+2!!! These notes are more detailed than most and might contain some useless content, soooo beware of that (theres like 20k words lol)!! If you need succinct notes for quick cramming then Etho's are better Textbooks I referred to: Surfing Bio, Macmillan, Pearson, Bio in Focus, Edu...
  4. imaiyuki

    Year 11 Maths Extension (+ Advanced) Comprehensive Notes

    I made these notes for Year 11s doing the Maths Extension or Advanced Preliminary Course, from 2019 onwards... I tried to include all elements of every topic, and managed to fit 17 topics into 19 pages, so that's that haha A large portion is inspired by the videos on Virtualb15 on youtube, which...