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  1. alcalder

    NSW Writer's Centre EE2 Courses for 2012 Ext2

    http://www.nswwc.org.au/ More information and booking on the NSW Writers Centre website: HSC English Ext 2: A Year of Writing Who: Anna Maria Dell’Oso Cost full course: Full price: $850; Conc Member: $515 Cost individual phases: Full price: $350; Conc Member: $210 It can be daunting to...
  2. alcalder

    Baulkham > JRAHS?

    What would be more interesting is to see the conversion rate of these HSC marks into: 1. Good university students 2. Good all round citizens who contribute to the well-being of society and others Please, life is more than a number out of 100. To be well rounded you have to take part in all...
  3. alcalder

    if hydrogen has only one electron how does it produce 4 spectral lines?

    Also, remember that it is Hydrogen gas that is being excited with many thousands or millions or thousands of millions etc atoms. Thus, the one electron in all those atoms is randomly moving between different energy levels. Hence, if we could see in all sprectra, we would see all the series of...
  4. alcalder

    Belonging - Harry Potter

    OK how HP:PS shows belonging: - Harry belonged in a loving family who were killed because they loved him so very much - Harry is living in a family that he does not belong in because they are scared/jealous/embarrassed by his powers (or potential powers because his mother was a witch) - Harry...
  5. alcalder

    Is it important?

    The question is, is it important to you? Is it important that you do your best at all times (no matter what others think)? Is it important to you that others will see you as industrious and hard working (especially your teachers)? Is it important to you that your teachers will want to give up...
  6. alcalder

    Any Helpers??

    Hi Jazzy, I would be pleased to review and critique. And that goes for anyone who wants. I'll PM you as well.
  7. alcalder

    Would 14 Units in yr 11 & 12 be too much?

    People! Don't kill yourself. You need, what, 10 units? Do 13 in Year 11 MAX and then drop to 12 in Year 12 to give yourself a 2 unit buffer to throw away if you do badly. But doing more than you need will lead to burn out. Don't do it to yourself. If you REALLY love the subject, do it later at...
  8. alcalder

    Feeling so lost...

    Don't feel lost. Those marks and ranks look fantastic. And getting a low mark in an assessment doesn't mean low assessment mark overall because raw marks should not be determining the final mark from the BOS. But don't focus on that. Think about what you want to do at Uni or after. What is...
  9. alcalder

    studies of religion .. HELP PLEASE!!!

    - The making of our laws was based on Christian ideals. - Social welfare - SCHOOLS - were started by Christians - Hospitals - I think the Australian Labor Party was started by Catholics - Scripture in schools There's a few to be starting with.
  10. alcalder

    Worst topic?

    Bring back the old syllabus! It was tops! Wave motion equations - awesome. History of Gravitation - FANTASTIC! The new syllabus (post 1999) just lacks so much oomph, chutzpah, something.
  11. alcalder

    NSW Writer's Centre EE2 Courses

    Hi All, Just thought everyone might like to know about the NSW Writer's Centre courses they run for EE2. <TABLE style="TABLE-LAYOUT: fixed" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>HSC English Extension 2 (31 October 2010 - 29 May...
  12. alcalder

    Need Help !!!!

    The best way to choose subjects is what you enjoy doing. Don't worry about scaling at all. Choose those that you are good at and make sure there is one fun subject (no matter good or bad you are at it). This is the sage advice my father gave me and it was something that got me through 2...
  13. alcalder

    half yearly reports?

    A couple of suggestions: 1. Don't focus on the rank (I know it's important in the final scheme of things, but focussing on the end result will not help at the moment) 2. Try and improve on where you are at now. What lost you the most marks? Essays? Poetry? Analysis? Creative writing? Whatever...
  14. alcalder

    Help! I'm getting writer's block!!!

    I'm feeling your pain and I just keep procrastinating and not just sitting down and writing through it. But that is the key, just sit and write. Don't try and make it the best writing you have ever done, just write and as you do, ideas will flow, the characters will literally tell you where...
  15. alcalder

    Settings and context - HOW?!

    Language - we use some pretty unique language and idioms. You may not consider them very Australian because you use them all the time but they are. The combination of those makes it Australian. Landscape - also the light and colours of Australia are very different from the dullness of Europe...
  16. alcalder

    Help finding related text

    It's not very literary, but what about "A Series of Unfortunate Events"? Most Young Adult books are like that - eg CRANK by Ellen Hopkins In fact, mot of Ellen Hopkins books have a tragic ending like that. AND, they are written in verse - a novel way to read a novel. Hope that helps.
  17. alcalder

    Why do we get a really low value for Planck's constant?

    Look at your experiment set up and ask yourself, which bits of the experiment may not exaactly match the perfect physics world. eg do you need a perfect vacuum, frictionless surface etc. Then you will have your answer.
  18. alcalder

    fucking hell anyone else had this happen?

    The problem usually comes when the teacher giving the advice is not the one marking it. This happened to me at UNIVERSITY! The lecturer running the course was giving all sorts of advice to students (which I ignored, because I KNEW he was wrong - this was in Intro to Computers in a teaching...
  19. alcalder

    After 2011-13 Year 11-12 subjects will look like this:

    Any new national curriculum cannot be expected to bring people to higher standards of education because the dumbing down of the curriculum is a phenomenon that has been going on for over a century. Every decade (or twenty years - I can't remember which), education dumbs down one year. Therefore...
  20. alcalder

    distinctive voice

    Can I suggest you google some web pages on the Writer's Voice. eg. Writing: Individual Voice -- Six Traits Assessment Style Tone Personlity For new writers it is sort of the holy grail of understanding what it means to be an author and developing your own voice can be the difference between...