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  1. I97

    Cheap state ranking hsc pdhpe notes!!!

    CHEAP! 99.75 STATE RANKING (3rd) HSC PDHPE NOTES! Hey Guys, I completed the 2015 HSC attaining an ATAR of 99.75 along with a State Rank of 3rd in PDHPE. I am selling my notes for PDHPE online on https://highschoolnotes.com.au/hsc/subjects/175/pdhpe-nsw-hsc These notes are VERY...
  2. I97

    How to State Rank PDHPE

    Hey guys, I’m Igor HSC 2015 99.75 ATAR 98 in PDHPE and with that 3rd in the State! PDHPE is one of the best subjects there is for the HSC as not only is it applicable to everyday life, it is one where hard work and dedication almost always guarantee high marks. But in order to achieve very...
  3. I97

    BCS Cooper Pairs

    After reading this http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/~khachan/PTF/Superconductivity.pdf i'm a bit confused over which way i should go about answering a possible question where they may potentially ask to draw a diagram. Basically it says "Note that the explanation and pictorial representation of a...
  4. I97

    Half Yearly ATAR estimate

    School rank: Our year is the first partially selective cohort so we are much stronger than the previous cohorts who generally ranked around the 300 mark (last year ~250). Therefore i'm not really sure where we are so i know this makes estimating a bit difficult. Ranks and (exam marks): Advanced...
  5. I97

    GPE question

    Hi, Could someone please explain why B is the supposedly correct answer and not D. The explanation was that reference is taken from the Earth's centre but from my understanding of GPE, a point at infinity is taken to be 0. Thanks
  6. I97

    Prelim Question

    "The critical angle for a new underwater optical fibre material is found to be 64 degrees. If the refractive index of water is 1.33, calculate the refractive index of the test material." The answer is 1.48 i just can't get there. Thanks