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    ArtExpress 09

    I'll be at AGNSW and Wollongong. Hope to meet anyone else going to those openings :)
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    Weird course choices

    I'm doing Molecular Biology and Genetics at USYD. However, Biology was my worst HSC subject by four marks, with a mark of 82. Half of it didn't even count as I had 11 units.
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    Top Achievers in Course List

    I got 96 in Visual Arts, just wondering if anyone knows where abouts I'd get placed for that. Only 10 names were listed for it, but they were ranked individually from 1-10. This is odd, considering that potential marks above 96 are 97, 98, 99 and 100. One would think that, with only four marks...
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    ArtExpress Nominations, anyone been notified yet?

    I got nominated too. Then they called in and asked for my VAPD, so I had to deliver it to Homebush. Good sign or bad? :S I hope it's good...
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    10 units- whats the big deal?

    I think it's best with 11 or 12 units. The way things go, you really can't predict what can happen throughout the year, even if you do get a start on your Majors now. I was supposedly the favourite with Ext2 and I ended up dropping it. The subject is challenging and a time vacuum, and requires a...
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    Thoughts on Paper 1 of the CSSA Trial Exam

    i thought section 1 was pretty dodgy... journeys in time weren't all that refined, they existed but especially in heritage homes there weren't many techniques to use... and presumably it's these techinques that get you the marks. section 2 worked alright. i didn't finish my section 3 essay but...
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    Assessment: Proposal

    darn. i wish i'd seen this sooner, it has some great pointers. mine was worth 20% and i earnt only 32/40. the subtitles were so ambiguous that most of my proposal was guesswork. it's very true though that my MW is turning out as completely different to what my proposal said. it really is just...