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  1. I97

    First Year Engineering Textbooks

    You do not need the math textbook, but the course pack is a MUST! The course pack is basically a textbook in itself tailored to the course + all the problems. You also don't need the physics textbook, but if you wish to have it as an extra resource you can find a pdf version online if you try...
  2. I97

    Electives first year comp sci?

    ENGG1400 was the biggest wam booster last sem for most people and an easy HD. If you like mathematical logic then do it.
  3. I97

    How advisable is it to follow the recommended program structure?

    From what I've heard the electrical project was tough this year. Very difficult + very harsh marking (also there was a lot of peer marking which was complained about). Also you couldnt choose your own group so there was that too. The civil projects (theres 4 to choose from) tend to be the...
  4. I97

    How advisable is it to follow the recommended program structure?

    What engineering stream are you doing, if you're doing civil I might be able to offer some more insight into which subjects are offered when etc? As for ENGG1000, definitely choose it in 1st sem otherwise the number of projects to choose from in 2nd sem is very limited (there was at least 15 in...
  5. I97

    How advisable is it to follow the recommended program structure?

    I'd strongly suggest that you still do all Engineering subjects during first sem because thats all the foundation courses (math, physics, computing and design), and if you do wish to have commerce in first year then do 1 commerce subject during 2nd sem and leave out 1 of your engineering...
  6. I97

    Please help me choose my course

    Yeah the gen eds need to come from outside any engineering faculty. If you're interested in computing/coding and want to learn actual coding and not just MATLAB/VBA then for first sem choose COMP1911 instead of ENGG1811.
  7. I97

    Please help me choose my course

    Personally not a huge fan of the arch degree because it isn't a double degree or anything, just a couple electives (including final year professional electives) replaced with architectural/design courses. Of course if that is something you are interested in then it may be useful, especially if...