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    Crime Fiction

    no no...i wrote a letter for my creative piece stating that the photo hardly related to crime fiction
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    Legal Studies We Were Plain Ripped Off

    Got it in a nutshell...if u couldnt adapt well tough cookies...i mean exams r supposed to test u not give 'get out of jail free cards'. ffs
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    Thoughts - How did you all find the exam?

    Exam was different to past papers...good test all the same...our teacher from Erina made sure he covered dominance and dependence...so all was sweet. Sure some questions were a bit specific but hey exams are supposed to test ya. Quietly confident.
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    Crime Fiction

    Pic was crap for creative in crime...my piece was a letter to the minister for education in the exam saying how bad it was...essay was good as it led to a structure...did ok i reckon
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    Ugh that was really hard? How did you go?

    I used direct conversion for implementation of improved search engine coz it was easiest to explain and i dont exaclty see how it could run parallel. Phased maybs i spose and i didnt know how to fit in pilot but i mentioned all of em ay just to show bit of extra knowledge.
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    Ugh that was really hard? How did you go?

    wait...multimedia was awesome i also agree
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    Ugh that was really hard? How did you go?

    Easy but time consuming... Yeah MICR was a toughie i agree but in general the questions were good...ran out of time...they just asked too much!