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    Those 7 markers

    Questions like "Assess impact of medical techniques on society" (7M) Outline how you would answer these type of questions - e.g. improved health of society , etc, etc To make it easier (you can refer to x-rays or MRIs)
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    Is this reasoning correct

    After showing two angles are equal and to conclude that two lines are parallel, is it alright to state "corresponding angles on parallel lines equal"?
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    HSC papers vs Trial papers

    Would it be preferable to just do all the HSC papers for your selected subjects rather than a few HSC papers and a few trial papers? I was planning on finishing all the HSC papers for my subjects (except for English) and then a few days prior to the HSC, recommence doing the past few years. I...
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    Estimate my atar?

    Can someone estimate my atar from trial ranks? School rank: 20 3U: 1/115 4U 2/40 Chem: 1/110 Phys:3/80 English: 15-20/150
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    7 Mark Question help

    "Increased understanding of electromagnetic spectrum and radioactivity has been important in the development of sophisticated medical technologies used to analyse body structure and processes. Assess the impact of these technologies on society." (7M) Anybody have suggestions for answering this...
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    Atar scaling

    Say a student excels in a subject, for example, that person gets 100% for internals whereas the rest of the cohort are clumped together around 80%. Can anybody explain how scaling of the internal assessment mark would work for the rest of the cohort for that subject? Would there be a large...