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    How did you guys go, for those of you that has already had them? I just had my accounting today, and i would say that it was pretty damn hard. I got so sick and frustrated at it, i left at 4.00, one hour before the exam finished... Oh Well :p
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    "Assess the Significance of the World Trade Organization in Promoting Free Trade, starting from the conception of GATT to the current day." Thats an essay question, could i please get some help for it? I could do around 5-6 paragraphs, but then i got stuck. Someone care to give me more...
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    Greek World 500-440

    Im just wondering, did anybody do the question on Aristidies and Cimon? So far im the only one who did that question in my class and it doesn't look good.... :(
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    Easy Inequality

    Its easy, and i cant do it. Hence im an idiot. deduce that x^3 + y^3 + z^3 > 3xyz And while im here, can i please ask the expansion of (x+y+z)^3? i always forget...
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    School Litter Policy

    My school has enacted a new litter policy and it is garbage. (Pardon the pun) The rule is that if any teachers catches you standing near, or walking past any litter without cleaning it, you get a "Litter Detention". This means even though you are just walking past a piece of paper, and a teacher...
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    Past Papers/Trials

    Does anyone have any suggestions where i can get some trial papers or past papers? If you have some, would it be troubling if you could send it to me? Please?
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    Reverse Crowding Out Effect

    Could someone please explain this to me? Our teacher didnt cover it at all...
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    Help with Creative Writing Assessment

    Ive got a creative writing assessment and i could use some help... It has to be between 300-500 words. We are given a cliche "The more things change, the more they stay the same" and we are supposed to incorporate that cliche into our story somehow... Any suggestions? HELP!!!
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    Conics Question

    (From page 77 of fitzpatricks) Using Cartesian coordinates, show that the absolute value of the differewnce of the distances from any point P on the hyperbola x^2/a^2 + y^2/b^2 =1 to the two foci is equal to 2a. Is there a "Quick" way of doing this rather than the 1-2 pages of algebra?
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    Anyone going to Degree in a Day?

    University of Sydney is offering a program called "Degree in a Day" for Year 12 students... anyone here going, and what courses are you doing? Im doing: War and Peace, Advanced Mathematics: Solving the Rubik's Cube
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    Someone please help!!

    This is a question from Patel... If Z1, Z2, Z3 are points representing the complex numbers z1, z2, z3 and they lie on a circle which crosses the origin, prove that 1/Z1, 1/Z2, 1/Z3 are co-linnear I know that there is an easy way to do this, but i dont quite understand on how to do it the...