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  1. alicekate18

    2012 HSC Extension 2 Mathematics Solutions

    This makes me feel heaps better about the exam. I screwed up that volumes question (which I thought I had anyway) but I'm confident I got most of that multiple choice (I can't remember all of my answers, but I know I got 10 right).
  2. alicekate18

    How many pages did you write for each section?

    A: 9.5 B: 9 C: around 11 (When I do exams I seem to have bigger handwriting then usual probably because I'm more rushed.)
  3. alicekate18

    Dear BOS

    I will actually just make one up on the spot or refer to the first absurd text that pops into my head. Yeah it's too late now to get a second ORT, just hoping they don't decide to ask for one.
  4. alicekate18

    Dear BOS

    Same considering I don't really have a second related text. Woops..
  5. alicekate18

    HSC over 2 years (Accumulated Units), do you think it's unfair?

    I'm doing mine over two years as well (my school was completely fine with it...most schools where I live support it. Do some schools not allow/support it?) Other than the fact that I don't know anybody in my grade now, it's a great idea. Personally I wouldn't want to do it all in one year ._.
  6. alicekate18

    Dr Pepper's "I had good ranks and screwed them with trials" Club

    I just realised I have one more assessment left for 4U and English. Hopefully I can increase my ranks on those and then do really well in externals...I'm just lacking motivation to study after getting my marks back.
  7. alicekate18

    Dr Pepper's "I had good ranks and screwed them with trials" Club

    Is it too late to join in on this? I was ranking 3rd in english and 1st in ext 1 and 2. My ext 2 paper was horrible and yeah I didn't get the mark I wanted to I can say goodbye to that nice rank :c My belonging english paper didn't go too well but apparently it was just a practice and didn't...
  8. alicekate18

    What are your rituals/routines before an exam?

    If it's english, hope for a miracle that I'll somehow remember my quotes. For maths I revise over my summaries but generally I don't overdo it so I don't bog my mind down too much before I even step into the exam room.