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  1. vivillon

    Best Economics Tutoring?

    Hi, I'm looking for an eco tutoring centre for year 12. I'd like to get ahead during year 12 so I decided, it's a good idea to get a tutor. Anyone have recommendations? I've heard Talent 100 is good but does anyone have experience? Thanks!
  2. vivillon

    Japanese Beginners or Chemistry?

    Helloo, so my subject selections are soon for year 12 and I'm deciding between Japanese Beginners and Chemistry for my last subject. I did worse in Chemistry than I did Japanese however I'm just worried about scaling. PLEASE HELP I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO :( My other subjects are: English...
  3. vivillon

    4U English?

    Hi! So I'm currently in year 11 and wanted to do 4u English. Anyone have advice or experience with the course? If so, please share :)
  4. vivillon

    Pygmalion English Extension 1

    Has anyone done or is doing Pygmalion for their English extension text. If so, would anyone be able to share their essay with me? Thanks
  5. vivillon

    Design and Technology notes WANTED

    Hi, if anyone has any dnt notes, it'd be much appreciated. For both preliminary and HSC, I don't mind. THANKSS
  6. vivillon

    Year 12 Subjects

    Hi, so I've really been reconsidering what subjects I want to do in year 12. I've been falling really behind in 2 out of 7 subjects and I wanted people's opinions on if I dropped them. So I currently do: Japanese Beginners Economics Chemistry Maths Advanced English Extention 1 Design and...
  7. vivillon

    Talent 100?

    Hi!! So I'm in year 11 right now and I was wondering if Talent 100 is a good tutoring centre. I've been recommended to go for english and economics but does anyone have any thoughts? If you went there previously, I'd love to hear your experiences :D (Also if you went for economics in...
  8. vivillon

    Should I appeal my mark?

    Heyy all, So recently I received my english advanced assignment marks for the reading to write module and I got: Imaginative Writing: 19/20 Reflection: 9/10 Overall: 28/30 Overall Percentage 93% Grade: A Rank: 4 / Roughly 250? (Large cohort ik) I was wondering if you guys thought it would be...
  9. vivillon

    Tips on working through online schooling

    Hi! I feel as if the structure of school really held me together and I'm only now realizing that now... I've been really struggling to keep up with homework that teachers have been giving. I was wondering if anyone had advice to give me :v I realise that this question is very subjective but I...
  10. vivillon

    Does anyone have this textbook?

    Hi, I've been trying to search for an online copy of the textbook, FIRST COURSE IN JAPANESE ACCELERATED LEVEL TEXTBOOK If you have a copy available, please pm me :) Thanks!
  11. vivillon

    Are these subjects okay in terms of scaling?

    Hi, so I'm going into year 11 next year and was wondering if these subjects were okay. Thanks :v Math Advanced English Advanced English Extention 1 (Maybe 2, not really sure right now) Chemistry Economics Japanese Beginners Visual Arts (I want to change this to something like software engineering)
  12. vivillon

    Best English tutoring centre?

    Hi! I was trying to figure out what would be the best place to go English tutoring for Year 11 English Adv (and Ext 1 if they have it). I'm fine with travel so that's not really a big deal for me. So far, I've been looking at Matrix Education. I'm not that sure though, I've been recommended...