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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Hi everyone! I remember getting an email from UAC that said something about counselling available for course selection. I can't seem to find it now. Does anyone know what that's about? Thanks
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    Plans after the HSC exams?

    Hey everyone, What are your plans for after the HSC exams? What will you be doing before going to uni/TAFE or starting work? Looking forward to hearing from you guys :D
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    Not enough space!!!

    Hi everyone, I've always done my past papers on a separate sheet to save printing money but I've noticed I have a serious problem: I need way more space to write my answers on than the question booklets provide (this is for the sciences). My handwriting is pretty big and I can't change it...
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    Who to ask for help regarding course selection?

    Hi everyone, I’m currently really unsure about what course I should do in uni and don’t have anyone I can ask for advice from. Other than the school career counsellor, is there someone I can ask for help form regarding course choice? Thanks a lot!
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    Can't pay school fees

    Hi everyone! I've researched this and can't seem to find much information online. I go to a government school ranked around 200. My parents both study fulltime and our family receives Centrelink benefits. Our school asks for annual fees for things like textbooks and excursions (which I don't...
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    Is this the end for me?

    Hey everyone, Tomorrow is the final trial exam for me (chem) and I've messed up royally. If I'm lucky, my ranks will be in the top ten (or twenty) after all this, but my school's ranking is around 200. Realistically, is there any chance of me getting a 90+ ATAR if I really step up my game in...