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  1. Esse

    UNSW S1/18 Result Thread

    Let's kick this off early since WAM glitch is working for some subjects Any predictions?
  2. Esse

    UMAT 2017 Results Thread

    That early release tho...
  3. Esse

    Questions regarding change of degree

    Hey. Currently doing a double degree. If I decide to drop one degree and substitute it for another, will the original degree's marks from courses completed specific to that degree still be counted into my WAM and my academic transcript? Or will they be removed?
  4. Esse

    raw marks 2u

    anyone got their raw marks for 2u (2016) and feel like sharing? zd xd cd
  5. Esse

    98.65 - Selling Business Notes (95 HSC MARK)

    Hey guys, selling HSC business notes for $5 per module. Please PM for samples and further queries.
  6. Esse


    Pretty straightforward. Lack of high level of thinking directive verb lul ok
  7. Esse

    Thoughts for this years paper?

    How does everyone this this years paper will be? Im really worried that the questions will be really wordy this year cause of the formula sheet introduction? Or do you think it will be the same difficulty and question style as past years?
  8. Esse

    2/3unit common?

    Ye how come some past papers in the success one book are 2/3unit common. what does it mean and are these exams harder than the normal 2unit exams from the years onwards
  9. Esse

    Sig Figs Help

    OK there was a q like 6 x 10^-4 of something was mixed with 150mL of something. How many sig figs do I answer to?? How many sig figs is 0.0006, 4 or 1? How many sig figs is 150, 1 or 2? Really confused with this bs and all my sci teachers say different things so no idea.....
  10. Esse

    ATAR Estimate (FINAL) - Detailed

    School Rank: 185 (328 last year, and our cohort is on par if not stronger than last years for the subjects that I do, esp Eng and Eco) Eng Adv: 11/70 (Competitive af, top 10 averaged 95/105 in a bought trial paper) My trial: 10/70 (92/105 raw exam mark) Math 2U: 3/55 (Top 3 consistent 95~...
  11. Esse

    Same Rank??

    What happens if you tie 2nd for school rank. How do you get your external and internal marks
  12. Esse


    Prove by induction the number of triangles that can be formed by connecting 3 points is n(n-1)(n-2)/6
  13. Esse

    advantages and disadvantages of working in a group or individual

    can i please have a few advantages and disadvantages of working in a team, and advantages and disadvantages of working individually please (when undertaking an experiment in the school laboratory)
  14. Esse

    atar estimate lol

    school rank: 185 eng adv: 15/70 2u math: 3/60 chem: 3/40 business: 1/40 eco: 4/24
  15. Esse

    Chemical Engineering Q

    Hey, just wondering about the job prospects for B. Chemical Engineering