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    ENGLISH is a joke subject

    Clearly you have little understanding of how the HSC scaling system operates. First in the class and exam mark of 72, anyone could tell you that your moderated assessment mark is also 72, barring crazy circumstances. Band 6 in Standard english pretty much is a myth. Less than 10 ppl get...
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    Melbourne Uni Colleges

    I'm sorry, but i think whitley is a little small. And far away. Haha to be fair, i think most people like their own college. Except for a few colleges *cough* Hildas *cough* I'm at newman, and personally (and quite objectively) i think it's one of the best. If not the best. In terms of...
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    University Grades Calculation

    80% min. average means that the average of your final results at the end of each semester must be equal or greater than 80%. lol, kinda self explanatory. As for how uni results are calculated, it's kinda like year 12 internal assessment. you might have a 20% test, 15% labs, 65% exam. or...
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    better way to use SAM (for real HSC results)

    I think fleepbasding is right, that should make it more accurate. Cos your actual, more accurate HSC mark is the 86.5 or whatever.. They only report 87 to you, for convenience. The increased accuracy means that SAM can more accurately estimate your scaled mark for the course. That's what SAM...
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    2005 scaling report

    Laz, thanks mate, that was very comprehensive. you're a champion. I'm completely amazed that you've come up with such accurate non-linear equations for SAM. But yeah, now i think i understand the entire process, thanks mate ;)
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    2005 scaling report

    Hey Laz i'm just curious about this whole process of predicting your own UAI. How does SAM do it so accurately, given that Table A3 and Table A8 from the UAC are so vague? Is there a more detailed document that relates aggregates to the final UAI? How does the UAC determine these aggregate...
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    State Rankings (beyond 1st)

    Seremify - wow you know Mr Rodger? That's cool. He was our Year 12 coordinator this year. What school did you go to? Also, i'm curious - how many other Australian international schools are there (or schools overseas that follow the HSC)? I know there's AIS in Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong...
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    What didn't count in your UAI calculation?

    Software Design and Development didn't count for me. I got 95 for that, 7th in the state! And it didn't even count... if only we didn't have to include english...
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    State Rankings (beyond 1st)

    I'm actually a student from the Australian International School Singapore (AISS). Seremify's right, there's plenty of Australian expats here who are reasonably well-off, and can afford the school fees (again seremify's on target) to give their kids an aussie education. Hence we go by the NSW...
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    UAI without tutors?

    No tutoring at all... it's kinda difficult to get tutoring considering i live in singapore, where local people have no idea what the hsc is. And i got a 99.85
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    Multiple Choice

    God, guys. show some sense, could we please? 1. A - i think we're agreed here. 2. D - same. 3. B - by formula, v squared = GM/r. don't see mass of the space probe there anywhere. 4. C - i'm pretty sure, it could be D but. Look, you people that put A, does that mean that if i zoom around...
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    The "WTF WAS THAT XTRA EASY" were all goinna get shit scaling thread....

    This paper was weird. The multiple choice was easy, true, but the rest of the paper so didn't test knowledge of the course - it was all weird crap. Culturally acceptable software programs? How modularisation has anything to do with that? i mean, what the hell???? i know most of the course inside...
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    Multiple Choice

    I got 6b as well. Isn't quality assurance the process that you do throughout the entire development cycle, not just at the end? to ensure a high quality software product.. kinda hard to compare with specifications during the design stages, don't you think?
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    Board of Studies reveals 2004 raw marks

    Hey, i've noticed that the Freedom of Information form requires an Australian postal address. Can you fill one in if you're overseas? Like, i'm in the australian international school Singapore.
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    Well done ngai.

    Thanks.. Australian International School Singapore. We don't get many people from our school reaching the top achievers list.
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    Well done ngai.

    hey guys, i s'pose you all know each other, all comin from James Ruse or somethin? I'm another "random" who managed to come 7th in 4u this year. Good stuff andrew.. what was your HSC mark for ext 2??