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    Share your 2011 ATAR here

    I kno I shuldnt b posting this shamefull result but I just wanted to point out how ridiculously wrong the calculators were this year. Calculated : 63.7 Got: 58.95 NO HATE PLZ! 1 Question If any1 knows wat r the chances of getting into UWS if i get 63.95 (with bonus points) and my course...
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    Information Techonology was a joke...

    true but would just using common knowledge answers be marked as high as if you would have wrote it as it says on the syllabus?
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    Information Techonology was a joke...

    well i dont think so as long as youve answered everything correctly did u write it in report format?
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    Information Techonology was a joke...

    lol and any1 else spend less than 2 minutes on the multi's? lol but i think theyr gonna mark it hard specially and mite get scaled down oh well either way ive never been happier doing an exam in my life xD cheering
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    Information Techonology was a joke...

    anyone remember question 5 in the multiple-choice lol at "Shake the computer" cracked me up lmfao
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    How did everyone go?

    OK guys can you stop worrying about multi-choice its only out of 20 and most people did alrite im worried about the rest of the exam it wuld be good if someone could give sum answers they were confident was right from section 2 and 3
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    Should I take a gap year?

    either way ure going to hav to do it eventually if your planning to and can you really hav fun and relax while knowing u got to do ure HSC the year after?? if not then go ahead otherwise get it over and done with so you can enjoy the stuff you like in peace. :p
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    SC Mark Predictions

    Maths - 60 English -65-70 Science - FAiL (40-50) History - 50-60 Geography - 69 Computers skills test - 99-100