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    Noob Questions

    Some pretty noobish questions here. Basically, I'm planning on doing the Bachelor of Education (Secondary:Humanities and Social Sciences)/Bachelor of Arts at UoS. I'll be taking a gap year next year so this will start in 2014. I've been reading about the course structure here -...
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    How does it all work?

    Hey guys, Basically, I want to be a secondary teacher majoring in Ancient History with an English minor. I want to go to Macquarie University for this. I'm a little unsure about how the degree actually works. I'll obviously be doing a 'Bachelor of Arts with the Diploma of Education with a...
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    Personal pronoun in essays

    I've been viewing a few 'A-A+ range' essays for Module B, in particular speeches, and I've noticed that some of them use personal pronoun in sending their message across, i.e. "I believe this is important because...". I know the markers are after an 'informed, personal understanding' but is...
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    ATAR Estimate pleeeeeassseeee

    Word to ya mudda, I be huntin down some ATAR estimations ma nizzles These are trial marks and final ranks yo Adv English Brah - 4/39, 87/100 Ancient History Dawg - 3/66, 90/100 Geography Cuz - 1/24, 91/100 Industrial Tech Lad - 4/39, 88/100 Music 1 My Nig - 4/29, 82/100 Hope you liked my cool...
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    Atar Estimate with Trial Marks & Ranks

    School ranking is ~200. These are raw marks, we have been given aligned marks but I'd rather post raw cause it confuses the hell out of me. The rankings are final assessment ranks. Adv English - 83/100, 4/40 Ancient - 90/100, 3/65 Geography - 90/100, 1/25 Industrial Tech - 87/100, 2/40 Music...
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    Another ATAR thread

    Hey guys, another ATAR estimate thread here. I'm aiming for an ATAR of about 82-83, or just somewhere between 80 and 85 really. It's close to the trials and everything and I know I'll probably get the old "wait until trials and re-evaluate" but i'm just after some answers anyway. So here are my...
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    Genuinely scared, seeking answers.

    Hey guys, First off, I'm aiming for an ATAR of 85. I was sure it was achievable, but now I'm starting to second guess...Mainly due to the fact I chose Industrial Technology and Music 1, both really bad scaling subjects that I think will haunt me... Anyway, what really concerns me is that in...