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  1. cssftw

    HELP PLEASE - harder EXTENSION 1 (limits)

    Have no idea how to do this: limit as n-->(infinity) OF (3^n + 5^n)^(1/n) --> just graphed it - it's a weird graph, the answer is 5 - can someone please show working out help appreciated
  2. cssftw

    KONY 2012 is a LIE!!!

  3. cssftw

    Directions for walking from RoyalPrinceAlfred to Chemistry Building on Eastern Avenue

    Hi could I have some directions from the Chem building on Eastern Avenue to the RPA hospital - I need to make a few trips there over the next few days if possible. The only way I see if walking from Eastern Avenue along Princess Highway, and then turning right to Carrilon Avenue, and turning...
  4. cssftw

    Post a list of USYD Wifi Networks + Wifi Passwords for networks

    Is it ethical that I plead BOS for this? I know there are unprotected networks - but are students allowed to know the passwords of protected wifi-networks? Thanks Also tomorrow and the next few days will include frequent west to east, east to west trips in USYD (i.e. from the Chemistry...
  5. cssftw

    nEED HELP with directions to Pharmacy Building - which BUS from Central station??

    Hello BOS, I need to get to the Pharmacy building to enrol for Pharmacy on Monday. I have the option of walking to it from Redfern Station - however I was wondering if the more knowledgeable ppl knew if there are buses that came from either Central Station OR Redfern Station that went to an area...
  6. cssftw

    Need urgent advice: WOuld I do well in an engineering degree without HSC physics

    haven't done HSC physics - disciples of engineering I'm considering are: Civil Material Science and Engineering Aerospace Naval Architecture Renewable Energy Environmental Others? Also considering dat flexible entry engineering degree...not quite sure tho OK SO AHEAD WITH THE OPINIONS haha xD
  7. cssftw

    NEED URGENT ADVICE: Can I/Should I do a Commerce degree when I've no Comm Background?

    Hey guys, I don't know if I should do commerce or not - I haven't done Economics or any other related subject in HSC - but as far as the subject goes, I don't hate it, nor do I love it, it sounds fairly interesting, and I might find it enjoyable. Might. So tips, opinions, any forms of advice...
  8. cssftw

    B Commerce/Science(adv MATH)[UNSW] versus B Commerce/Science (USYD) - which one?HELP!

    Hello, I really need help making a decision on this. Basically I'd like to know what sort/TYPE of jobs you can get with these two degrees, which ones are better, and basically which degree is better. I'm a Science guy, I did sciences in my 2011 HSC, and I don't have a commerce background...
  9. cssftw

    What would a raw mark of 67/100 scale to

    So I go to a rank 20 school, and I'm ranked 9/60, and I'm pretty sure from the strength of the cohort that the 9th highest mark is going to be a HSC aligned mark of about 93. But I'm aware that your HSC mark is the combination of your raw scaled mark and the corresponding highest mark according...
  10. cssftw

    Q3 (c) --> mathematical induction question

    So i didn't have much experience with inequality induction, I'd like to know what mark/3 I'd get, probs either 1 or 2/3. \textup{Prove}\; (2n)!\: \geq \: 2^{n}(n!)^2\\\\\textup{Test for n=1}\\\\\therefore \: \textup{LHS}=(2\times 1)!=2\\\\\textup{RHS}=2^{1}(1!)^2=2\\\\\therefore...
  11. cssftw

    Q7 (a) Volumes 4 Marker --> will I get 4/4?

    Here was my working out: A(x)=2\pi rh\\\\r=1-x\\\\h=y\\\\\therefore h=\frac{x}{1+x^2}\\\\\therefore A(x)=2\pi (1-x)(\frac{x}{1+x^2})\\\\\therefore \Delta V=2\pi(\frac{x}{1+x^2}-\frac{x^2}{1+x^2}).\: \Delta x\\\\\therefore V=\lim_{\Delta x \to...
  12. cssftw

    Anyone else noticed how easy it is to get away with writing after the exam's finished

    So the exam finished, and the old BOS ladies were going down the rows signing ppl off. I fucked up in like 5 marks worth of questions, asked my mate how to do them, he told me (he wasn't lying, checked with everyone else) --> and i casually opened my booklet and wrote in the answers. No one...
  13. cssftw

    Q7 part (a)

    for part (ii) I got -40pi cm^3/second for part (iii) I got -5/2*pi*h^2 cm^3/second someone check for me plz or i willz shoot myselfz
  14. cssftw

    Q3 (a) (ii) limit question

    I used L'hospital' rule (lopey tall's rule) I had no idea how to do it otherwise, but i got 2/pi which i think was the correct answer do i still get the markseven tho the method isnt in the syllabus?
  15. cssftw

    Ok...I'm going to be honest.... I'm fucked for tomorrow..

    So I started studying this morning, but ended up spending half the day doing complex no.s from terry lee. Then and until now, it became too hot to do anything else so I gave up. I'm in a ranked 20 school and ranked 9/34 (yeah I actually worked hard during my assessments lol, excluding my...
  16. cssftw

    Q2(d)(i) 2008 Ext2 -- please explain

    Can someone please explain Q2(d) (i) i know its pathetic to struggle at such an early question, but this is the first time I've met such an early roadblock. So why is it, when you do 0.5(Q+R) --> you get M?? thank you
  17. cssftw

    Found black house spider in room - should I let it bite me??? (srs)

    Srs thread here guys. I'm fucked for the HSC, started studying for it like a week before the english exams.... :S Thing is... my internal ranks aren't horrible, they are like band5-6 ish -- however i predict my external marks being in the band3-4 range. I've been praying and praying for...
  18. cssftw

    What are the chances that financial series will be in the 2011 Ext 1 Maths exam?

    Questions like: An amount $A has is borrowed at r% per annum reducible interest, calculated monthly. The loan is to be repaid in equal monthly installments of $M...... Yeah I really hate financial series, although I haven't seen a question in a HSC exam since the late 90's. Should I still study...
  19. cssftw

    Mechanics help needed !!

    Hi guys, here's a question from Cambridge 4U EX 7.1 Q9. It is Q9 part (b) where I can not understand what to do. \textup{The force of attraction experienced by a particle of mass }\, \textit{m}\; \textup{at a distance}\, \textit{x}(>r)\, \textup{from the centre O of the earth towards O is}\...