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    Transfer question

    I am currently doing med sci and business @ UTS and want to transfer to com + sci @ USYD/UNSW. Is it true that if i were to transfer into commerce + science that i'm only allowed to transfer into a single degree i.e. commerce or science, but not both? Can anyone share their...
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    Hey guys i'm quite interested in this course. However, there's this thing in my head which makes me a bit reluctant to do this course... I mean i love the physics and everything in it. However, aren't any of you guys scared of over exposure of the radiation? Which may lead to cancer, mutation...
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    What are the chances of getting accepted into...

    What are the chances of getting into, B APPLIED SCIENCE (MEDICAL RADIATION SCIENCE) – DIAGNOSTIC RADIOGRAPHY @ USYD the atar cut-off is 92.35, and i'm 1.4 atar ABOVE the cut off I'm an idiot for not including this is in my main round. So here's my story (if you're interested), after being...
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    How to survive English HSC

    Introduction: I'm going to teach you how to adapt your memorised essay into ANY thesis/question, and how to write an essay (excluding different text types) Unfortunately not all students are fantastics writers and thus will resort to memorising, therefore i have made a guide in how to do it...
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    Legal speech

    Hey, I need some help with my legal speech..The assignment asked me to use some "visual aids" for my speech :/ I am doing consumer laws and human rights law, what kind of visuals aids can i use? I have no idea..
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    Confused about Holes :S..

    3.2.3 Identify absences of electrons in a nearly full band as holes, and recognises that both electrons and holes help to carry current I understand this bit.. When an electron in a semiconductor leaves the valence band it leaves a positive “hole”, that is, an atom with one less valence...
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    Unclear on Bonus points

    I've already posted this on another section of the forum, but there's been no reply so i decided to post it here for quicker/more response. :cry: Hey guys, i need some help with the bonus point scheme... (UTS) Let's say for example i want to do B science with B business You know how B science...
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    Assumed knowledge for UTS?

    Sorry, I know i should be posting this in the science faculty, but i thought if i posted here i would get more attention + quicker reply For b Science and business they both required 2u maths as assumed knowledge, but i've dropped 2u... 1) How hard is the maths in b Science? I heard from some...
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    Quick question

    Ok soo our teacher gave us a question and i know it's 100% sure that it's in the test.. But tbh i think the question is a bit stupid.. Anyway it would be very much appreciated if anyone may help. " Discuss the proposition of vp/vs = np/ns as an equation of a model for transformers " (4...
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    Another Atar estimate please

    Im not sure on my school rank it's either ~300 or ~170 May you guys give an atar estimate for both school ranking please Here are my following overall marks with rankings... English Standard: 2/130 80% Physics 9/42 86% (estimated ranking) Biology 6/40 90% (estimated ranking) Legal...
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    How harsh does your school mark your papers?

    Is it only me who thinks there school is marking the Eng std paper too harshly? I've just received my first assessment task back and scored a 10/15 and that place me around top 10 in standard(there's around 100+ students in standard)... The average for this task is 5/15..!!! Last year in...
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    Is it possible to get 90 Atar with these subjects?

    To be honest i do quite a few "drop-kick" subjects.. Bludged through year 11 and dropped to standard Eng and General Maths... I'm just wondering if it's still possible to get 90-85 Atar with these subjects, if so which subjects do I need the marks in to boost my Atar? 12-units (These are the...