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  1. flydy

    Engl1007, Engl 1009

    I'm going to take Literature of Revolution this not looking forward to writing essays.
  2. flydy

    lonely @ O week

    Oh my gosh, so am I! I got some highschool friends going to UNSW but they're doing medical science and engineering, while I'm all on my lonesome doin' arts/Ed
  3. flydy

    Whats your major?

    I'm doing English & Drama at UNSW this year. Sooo nervous coz everyone's been warning me about the type of people who usually do drama...
  4. flydy

    Anyone annoyed at bludging fellow ext 2 class mates?

    Whoops...I probably fall into that category of your angst. I should be ashamed of myself.
  5. flydy


    You either burn it on a cd with all the software it needs to run OR if it fits, you could put it on a floppy disk (not recommended). Whatever your storage medium is make sure that you test it on other PCs before you send it in. By the way, what's your website about?