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    ATTN: Accom. in Lismore...

    Hey guys, i got into B Business in Int. Tourism Management in Lismore and i've been looking round for accommodation and nothing has really appealed to me, i was wondering if any students have a room in their house share arrangement, or if any new students starting this year would be...
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    Who WON'T be 18 for schoolies?

    Yeah, so who's not going to be 18 for schoolies? I'll still be 17, not sure what i'll be doing about it. What's everyone else doing? I think i'll just have a lot of parties at my house up the coast, no point going to surfers/gold coast, it'll be packed with cops... Yeah so what are you guys all...
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    What sort of things are you guys studying for Rooster? Are you studying your interpretation of each section of the work, the song lyrics, christopher bruces background as a choreography, reviews? Is there anything else i should be looking at? Thanks guys!