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    So true. This guy once randomly said, "Practise doesn't make perfect. Perfect practise makes perfect." And I totally, totally stand by it. You could play for hours on end, repeating the same pieces with all the mistakes and impurities still in them, and it won't get you anywhere. But if you...
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    I Got Nominated For Encore!!! Yeewww

    Yeah, it's at the Opera House. Does anyone know roughly how many people get nominated each year and what percentage of them actually get selected for Encore??
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    2008 HSC School Rankings

    Okay let's just say that my school isn't in the top 400... now that is terrible.
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    Excel Guides

    I really really want the new Excel Guides for Extension Maths! I've got the new Biology, Physics and Mathematics (Adv.) Excel Guides and the format makes it really easy to read- like a novel. For me, it doesn't make study as much of a drag as it used to be. However, they're only study guides and...
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    Who does Musicianship??

    Ooh yeah I totally hated it! I did my fifth grade musicianship this year. So glad it's over. Getting my 8th Grade was the only reason I was doing it too. I was getting so sick of Art Songs and Lieder and Chamber Music and Stringed Instruments of the Orchestra! And I had to compose melodies over...
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    HSC performance pieces

    Hey I'm doing my Amus for piano next year too!!! Although I'm terribly nervous... I always get nervous when I have to do performances. I'm only doing Music 1 because our school doesn't offer Music 2, let alone Music Ext. Argh!! I'm thinking of playing Prelude No. 1 by George Gershwin- it's...