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  1. yanujw

    Subject Selection for Yr11

    Well, how'd it go? What did you end up picking and keeping into Year 12, and how is Y12 and the workload going for you? I'm doing legal, eco and MX1 next year, so I'm just curious what the workload of those subjects specifically were?
  2. yanujw

    Past Papers? Edit: Woah, looks I got beaten to being replied by just a few seconds
  3. yanujw

    It's crunch time guyss !!! 🙏

    Just remember, discipline will carry you further than motivation!
  4. yanujw

    Estimate my ATAR please

    Just curious, how do you know your school is ranked 469? I know they publish lists for the top 150 schools, but is there a list of all schools in the state ranked? Or did your school just tell you or you found out through another way?
  5. yanujw

    Extracurriculars for Selectives

    I have mixed thoughts about this. While I didn't apply for a selective school, I know a friend that got into girra for Y11 despite not doing the test at all, but he had good extracurricular and consistent, high-performing reports, and he got in. Either someone at Girra admin screwed up, or...
  6. yanujw

    Subject Selection Help!

    I think that's a good selection of subjects, and while I think it is good to choose from a variety of faculties do diversify your learning, if you are sure you will do well in those subjects then keep them (I can certainly see that you live up to your username).
  7. yanujw

    anyone treating BoS like social media?

    My signature says it all
  8. yanujw

    Bois anyone wanna trade papers 3u/4u

    For the 4U paper, is that Parramatta as in Parramatta High School?
  9. yanujw

    PDHPE need some ideas with these questions

    How did the test go?
  10. yanujw

    Writing Speed

    It's this method As you said though, it seems ineffective and i don't even know why it's a thing EDIT: Just realised you were actually on that thread and replied with a very useful comment. To @dumNerd Drongoski's reply on that thread is quite useful so I think you should take a look at that
  11. yanujw

    Is there any way to find my NESA student number?

    Thanks for all the replies. To anyone with the same issue, I was able to find it by looking on the cover page of a minimum standards report that I had downloaded earlier.
  12. yanujw

    Is there any way to find my NESA student number?

    My school ID has my student number, but unfortunately my student number is not the same as my NESA number
  13. yanujw

    Is there any way to find my NESA student number?

    Basically what the title says. I remember my pin and have access to the school email that I signed up for Students Online with, but I forgot to actually take note of what my number was when registering and now I've lost it. Apparently the only way to get access to my account is to contact my...
  14. yanujw

    Choosing subjects for year 12- Bio or Ext 1 English

    ask in the EX1 forum maybe?
  15. yanujw

    Subject Selection Help (URGENT)

    I think a bigger concern than the scaling is the fact that you chose maths standard. Bear in mind that many unis and degrees will require a minimum of maths advanced, and so if you've been thinking about possible careers or degrees in the future, be aware of what level of maths is necessary (I...
  16. yanujw

    Stuck with subject selection and require help

    Hi, first time posting here, and I need some help with regards to my subject selection for senior years. My current thoughts about selections are; Business Studies Economics English (advanced or standard) Maths Extension Physics (and I still require at least 1 more unit) Reserves: Geography...