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    B science

    Can anyone tell me how its like. how difficult it is, etc. because I'm interested in doing B comm and sci but I'm not too sure about the science since I'm an average student in biology.
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    4.5 over 7 GPA??

    Thankyou everyone i really appreciate it
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    Essay Feedback Please

    Could i get some feedback on my essay and what you think i would get out of 20. I wrote this while doing the 2016 paper in timed conditions and just typed up my response. Thankyou in advance
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    rankings in school

    wdym by oranges??
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    HSC Business Studies Predictions / Thoughts

    I would say to memorise the Syllabus DP for each topic so that you know what is in each topic e.g. influences, process, strategies, so that when they ask you a question, you at least know what part of the syllabus it refers to and can somewhat make up an answer
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    Occupational Therapy

    I was wondering if it is possible to do occupational therapy by doing a commerce degree and then maybe later on doing a masters in Occupational therapy, or would i have to do a science type bachelor degree? I'm asking this because i enjoy business and commerce and want to do something in...
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    HSC Modern History Predictions / Thoughts

    The first source was on enabling act so i talked about how hitler became chancellor which allowed him to pass the enabling act which would allow the regime to implement laws, which helped secure hitlers position as dictator. Does anyone remember what the second source was about?? but i think i...
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    2020-HSC chat

    How does it feel to be free
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    HSC Biology Predictions / Thoughts

    So it would have to be maternal with maternal and paternal with paternal??
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    HSC Biology Predictions / Thoughts

    Could you have also said the long period of study and the large sample size?
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    HSC Biology Predictions / Thoughts

    In short, I put conducting the experiment for a longer period of time to get a more accurate result
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    HSC Biology Predictions / Thoughts

    How were you supposed to do it, i just guessed A
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    HSC Biology Predictions / Thoughts

    What about 18 i think, where we were given family environment and the genes or something, and the answers were like low, high
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    HSC Modern History Predictions / Thoughts

    Even if they do, we have 2 essay choices, and i PRAY one is some basic/easy essay
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    It’s not all about the ATAR

    You can, there are early entry schemes, and another scheme where some unis only require you to get a certain band in certain subjects, i.e. wsu true rewards, mq academic entry program , etc.
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    HSC Business Studies Predictions / Thoughts

    I've done a few HSC past papers but just wanted to see the trial papers from schools and if there was any common topics/questions, and also to practice them since trials are supposed to be harder
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    HSC Business Studies Predictions / Thoughts

    anyone have trial papers?
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    Access to 2020 Advanced Maths Paper

    Wouldn't derivative be -28(1.5)^-0.4t
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    Access to 2020 Advanced Maths Paper

    Yeah i didn't think they were right, for 28 a) It says at least one of the 2 are paid within the range, so wouldn't it be 1-(none paid in the range)??
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    'One of the hardest exams I've come across': New maths common content splits HSC students

    I think the main issue was that almost half of the exam consisted of longer questions/application questions, whereas in most of the trial papers there would be around 2-3 application questions