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    Anyone done PCOL2011?

    If so, how did you guys find the final exam? Was it difficult? The quizzes during semester were quite hard and I'm worrying that the final exam will be on par in terms of difficulty. Also would anyone have a few examples of questions they might ask? Any help appreciated thank you.
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    WTF latest episode of GoT?! [Spoilers]

    Jorah needs to give up its getting annoying
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    WTF latest episode of GoT?! [Spoilers]

    SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS I legit cried when Shireen died :( She was so innocent and kind and sweet and WTF she was only...
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    Can you pass a final exam from just reading the lecture slides?

    I have an exam coming up that's worth 56% of my final grade and I pretty much know NOTHING. Luckily, it is my only exam after stuvac so I have about 2 weeks to study for it and hopefully scrounge up a pass. Is it possible to pass from just reading the lecture slides?
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    The McDonald's Thread

    Probably. Call the store and check just in case.
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    How many hours should you work?

    I work 20ish hours a week, but I'm only part time at Uni. I'd say I'm managing fine, could have even taken another unit tbh.
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    Driving Instructor

    Yeah, I passed that shit
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    partially faked log book got busted

    Unlucky. Still, must have been something glaringly obvious for you to have gotten caught.
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    The McDonald's Thread

    Thanks, when do they usually come out? Next month?
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    Driving Instructor

    I had like 10 hours of instructor lessons and still didn't pass first go, everyone is different I guess. Or I'm just a shitty driver. LOL who am I kidding I am an amazing driver
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    The McDonald's Thread

    Since end of financial year is coming up, anyone know how Maccas goes about handing out tax summaries for tax refunds?
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    The McDonald's Thread

    They'll hire older people for overnights and middle of the day shifts during school periods.
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    Getting a part-time job

    Just keep trying. If you have no prior work experience then look for anything, ANYTHING. You won't get anywhere being picky.
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    The McDonald's Thread

    I don't think it will matter, just go ahead and apply.
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    Someone stole my P-plate!

    Had just finished work and so I was walking to my car and noticed my rear P-plate was gone! :mad: And it was a magnetic one too! Luckily I keep spares in the car but from now on I'm taking them off and leaving them inside the car. Some kids these days. Little shits.
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    Star City Workers! NEED YOUR HELP!

    I doubt some random on the internet will be willing to refer you. And even if they did, what would they have to go on, a skype chat? You're better off actually walking in and handing in your resume, or better yet, get some work experience and get a solid reference, I think thats how most people...
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    CARS & RIDES & Mighty Car Mods

    Re: Cars I'm looking for a cheap, reliable first car. Suggestions?
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    The McDonald's Thread

    Oh, really? Which store is that? I wish they'd bring it to my store already to break the monotony
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    The McDonald's Thread

    Is anyone working at one of the stores with the build-your-own-burger and waiting service? My manager said they're going to bring that to my store in the future, just curious if waiting tables is any fun ha