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  1. Angel45

    Results - take 2

    I think for College of Law (not sure if they're the same reqs) I needed a certified copy of the official transcript so I think I'll have to order one regardless. It said you could send a cover letter explaining if you didn't yet have one, so I just did that. Yeah I was happy w/ results - I...
  2. Angel45

    Results - take 2

    It is silly that they don't have the GPA (even though you can work it out) or the complete history of your results in MySR (even though I do have copies elsewhere) - I guess they'll have to fix that and hopefully down the track they add these new results to the PlatformWeb Result's section how...
  3. Angel45

    Home and Away

    I thought the school presentation was good (agree the close-ups of Annie were annoying - why wasn't she in uniform?) Though I enjoyed it, it would have been nice for Sally to hav been driving out from the caravan park like so many before her have with every1 waving her off and they do a flash...
  4. Angel45

    help needed for UWA student! notable UWS alumni

    Just out of curiosity, what is this project about?
  5. Angel45

    "don't ask me I go to uws"

    I agree, they will seriously have to do something about the parking's getting crazy. The more 'spots' they open up, like on the oval etc., more ppl. seem to drive and it just gets even more crowded...they need multi-level parking. I think they need to police the permit system...
  6. Angel45

    "don't ask me I go to uws"

    Now I've seen the bag (thanks for the image) I understand what it means. Oh my goodness, that’s so bad. It’s like, “don’t ask me the question, I go to UWS, I wouldn’t know the answer.” Who put it out? UWSSA? Whatever motive behind it, they’re affecting the students they’re meant to be...
  7. Angel45

    Policy regarding changes in assignment date and guidlines?

    Hey, the only loosely related thing I can see in the uni policy is: Notification to Students of Assessment Tasks (29) Any variation in the assessment task/s after assessment information has been provided to students in the unit outline, and that affects all students within a unit, will only be...
  8. Angel45

    Creating your timetable

    Heya, For Seminars, like intro to law and torts, you pick a “set”. Whichever A you pick you have to do the corresponding B (listed below it), which is same time/different day. So, u have two days of 2 hr seminars per subject. Good luck. :P
  9. Angel45

    Creating your timetable

    Hey!! First u have to be enrolled in ur subjects in order to choose ur times when the schools do chose ur times yeah u need to wait till registration opens. You can plan before hand though...the timetable is here: Tute rego...
  10. Angel45

    An alternative choice - UWS Law

    Although they're not all going to be the same, obviously, I did do a night class for a unit - worse class I've had yet. I have no idea why they (by they I mean most of the class!) were coming while holding down a job during the day and having to come so late at night (you'd think those...
  11. Angel45

    BA Communications Journalism

    Hi. I'm doing B.Communications with Law. And I went in wanting to do journalism but I now wish to major in PR. I found it was good coz I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do so doing intro to journalism, PR, advertising and screen media (all core units) is good to get that range if a) ur...
  12. Angel45

    how did everyone here go?

    Well done! I'm just aiming at the lowest class honours.. haha.. they'll do me. I think that's 5.5 which I'm still ok for! If only my communications GPA was in law I'd be like super student haha.
  13. Angel45

    how did everyone here go?

    The exams get me too.
  14. Angel45

    the OC

    So....what'd we think? :) I know it's bad, but I kind of wanted to see how they reacted to the news :S. Seth is still so cute..the comic thing was awesome. I feel sorry for Seth. Summer's gone a bit odd! Feels strange them all doing their sep. things atm. Will be interesting to see...
  15. Angel45

    Mentoring and Tutoring

    Heya, I did PM AUT semester. It was good. U do (well we did) a 2 day training session with like a simulation exercise, learn how to deal w/ different dynamics, what the 1st yr experience is like for diff ppl, how to to respond to diff questions, how to actually run a group.. exercises u...
  16. Angel45

    Fire engines at parra campus today?!

    That happened last semester...I member the library alarms went off and ppl. had to 'evacuate' but every1 was just doing there thing. although as u say this time there was nothing. no1 eva seems to know what is going on at the time or after! :P In Contracts Tim was obssessed with what...
  17. Angel45

    Autumn Session 2007

    Ahhh k. I didn't know const. had a skills component. Doesn't mean classes are bigger if there's only 2 :) there's less people doing constit than say... property... so yeh - doesn't mean the classes are bigger... its one of those ones that offered bonth semesters, so the total number is kinda...
  18. Angel45

    Unsure of what info to give

    Hey, can I ask, what have you applied for?
  19. Angel45

    Autumn Session 2007

    Hey, Just been looking at the timetable. Know it's only rough, but what's with constitutional law. Has it always been like that, a 3hr seminar and not like the other subjects with 2 lots of 2? Also, if there's only 2, won't the classes be bigger? *hoping this is nothing to do with "funding...
  20. Angel45

    student email down?

    Mine's not working atm!