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  1. ichila101

    Electrical engineering subjects help

    I am starting my first year and I chose the following subjects: MATH1131 PHYS1131 ELEC1111 ELEC2134. Now I know its way too late too change the subjects but can someone tell me how deep of a hole I have dug myself into since I have come to the realisation that elec2134 is apparently a second...
  2. ichila101

    How will my atar get affected?

    So I didn't want to ask this question during HSC cause it would just add unwanted worry on myself but in my Math Extension class theres only two people including myself. I'm ranked 2nd out of the two of us so pretty much last. I heard that apparently the marks of 1st and Last stay unaffected and...
  3. ichila101

    Atar estimate please!!

    I know this is quite repetitive but I'd really appreciate the help. English Advanced: 13/16 2u Math: 2/4 3u Math: 1/2 Business Studies: 8/32 Biology: 1/22 Chemistry: 1/5 School rank: 200-225 in 2016 I feel like my English rank will destroy my chance of a good Atar :( but I'd be really grateful...