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  1. blyatman

    Guys is the UCAT Secrets Platinum Program worth it?

    80%? If it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is. That figure, along with the reddit articles, already ring a lot of warning bells.
  2. blyatman

    Usyd Space Engineering??

    I did aerospace engineering at USYD. ATAR cutoff is just supply and demand, so the cut-off is only so high because the intake is low. All space students from the mechanical, mechatronic, and aeronautical engineering streams take the space component together, and in my year there were probably...
  3. blyatman

    How accurate is the university rankings? which one is the most objective one?

    Not enough until I can beat this guy:
  4. blyatman

    How accurate is the university rankings? which one is the most objective one?

    Got accepted to do grad school there. Texas is not as redneck or middle-of-nowhere as people think lol. Regardless, I'm not there anymore, just too lazy to change it.
  5. blyatman

    How accurate is the university rankings? which one is the most objective one?

    Naturally, the brightest students will want to get into the top schools. However, the majority of students don't even bother applying for the top schools since it's incredibly difficult to get in, and there's there's application fees involved (unlike here). The US university education system...
  6. blyatman

    How accurate is the university rankings? which one is the most objective one?

    I don't see that at all. If anything, I think students here place more emphasis on the school they go to, which is why you frequently see students asking which uni is better for what, not to mention the relentless USYD/UNSW debates. In contrast, I never saw sort of discussion in the US. Also...
  7. blyatman

    How accurate is the university rankings? which one is the most objective one?

    There is no "the best". Each system use different metrics for their rankings. E.g. some ranking systems might place heavier emphasis on research output over say, graduate employability, whereas other ranking systems might place a heavier emphasis on graduate employability over research output.
  8. blyatman

    Can you use bounds in 3u

    i think they mean something like integral of x^2 d(x^2), as opposed to the integral of u du. Should be fine.
  9. blyatman

    Mature Aged Studies

    Yeh I reckon it is if you can get into a good school, but it'd be more expensive though. Also I just re-read it and realised it was for undergrad (rather than grad/postgrad). Probably better to just do it here if it's UG, although I'm not too sure how many schools here (or even in the US) offer...
  10. blyatman

    Mature Aged Studies

    If you're looking at online programs, have you thought of applying for US institutions?
  11. blyatman

    Selecting Honours

    Honours is a subject, and you can choose to take honours in your final year if your WAM is above certain threshold. You can't choose to do honours now, in the same way that you can't choose your 2nd year subjects now.
  12. blyatman

    Usyd commerce or mq applied finance/economics

    Isn't mq pretty decent for finance? The travel times also carry a lot of weight. Students tend to avoid mq and prefer usyd/unsw due to prestige, but honestly employers don't really care. In the end, it's the other parts of your CV that'll make you stand out, not the uni u went to (as long as the...
  13. blyatman

    Thoughts on the new Quantum Engineering UNSW degree?

    There's a reason why no theres no other universities that offer such specialised undergrad degrees such as this - it's simply too specialised. You don't have the prerequisite background knowledge to study the subject in any meaningful way, and is why people only begin studying these types of...
  14. blyatman

    Are double degrees worth it?

    One was originally a PhD, but cbf finishing it so I finished it as an MPhil. It's useless (I was primarily doing to get some scholarship money while job hunting). The other was a M.S. from the US, which are completely different programs to Masters programs in Aus.
  15. blyatman

    Are double degrees worth it?

    Masters is useless. Double degree does not help career opportunities in engineering, unless you plan to go into a specialised engineering role which requires your other degree. That being said, double degree is more efficient, since you get 2 degrees with only an extra year (or 2). I did a...
  16. blyatman

    Ever See a Movie on LSD?

  17. blyatman

    10 units in year 12

    It's fine. I did the exact same subjects as you. No point wasting time on another 2 units if you already know what you want.
  18. blyatman

    what year maths papers are still relevant

    Very far back that you don't need to worry. Every paper that you'll be able to find will essentially be from the previous syllabus.
  19. blyatman

    Marking in Public vs Private Schools

    What a terrible system. If your friends school did that, then it means it's much harder to come first. The actual marks aren't taken into account when calculating the ATAR, it's only the rank and the relative distribution of marks that count.