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    Anyone done PCOL2011?

    If so, how did you guys find the final exam? Was it difficult? The quizzes during semester were quite hard and I'm worrying that the final exam will be on par in terms of difficulty. Also would anyone have a few examples of questions they might ask? Any help appreciated thank you.
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    WTF latest episode of GoT?! [Spoilers]

    SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS I legit cried when Shireen died :( She was so innocent and kind and sweet and WTF she was only...
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    Can you pass a final exam from just reading the lecture slides?

    I have an exam coming up that's worth 56% of my final grade and I pretty much know NOTHING. Luckily, it is my only exam after stuvac so I have about 2 weeks to study for it and hopefully scrounge up a pass. Is it possible to pass from just reading the lecture slides?
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    Someone stole my P-plate!

    Had just finished work and so I was walking to my car and noticed my rear P-plate was gone! :mad: And it was a magnetic one too! Luckily I keep spares in the car but from now on I'm taking them off and leaving them inside the car. Some kids these days. Little shits.
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    Driving to Uni

    Anyone from around Epping tried driving to Redfern? How long did it take? And was there parking? I might try one of these days.
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    I passed my P's test!!!

    Got 105 on the test sheet. Tester said I was going too slow at times and forgot to indicate once but yeah, I passed :D
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    Turning right at intersections

    I've just recently found out you can turn right at intersections during a red light. Is this true? Because I find it hard to believe... cause you know, a red light means STOP. Edit: Go down to the traffic lights section.
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    Timetable printing fail

    Whenever I try to print the timetable Thursday and Friday are cut off, really annoying. What do?
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    For how long is the USyd ID card a valid concession?

    Is it only valid for 1 year and you have to get a new one this year?
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    2014 Tax return overdue?

    I got a letter in the mail the other day saying my 2014 tax return is overdue. The ONLY income I received last financial year was from this random job in a textbook shop where they asked me to get an ABN so that I was essentially my own business working for them (not sure if this complicates...
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    Testing locations for Silverwater RTA?

    I have my red P's test tomorrow at Silverwater and I was wondering if anyone knew the places they might bring me? I know Auburn is one place I could be going, but how about any other places?
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    I'm really confused right now

    I'm doing my re-enrolment for next year and I have no idea what this collection stuff is all about. Each subject I did this year has "collection numbers" and I am at a complete loss as to what I'm supposed to do. Help?
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    Should I take Chinese or French?

    I'm thinking about learning a language next semester (it's either gonna be Chinese or French) to break the monotony of my degree. I've heard Chinese is alot more difficult to learn but will be more useful here in Australia. On the other hand, I think French just sounds so nice when people speak...
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    Has anyone ever been fined after having been caught forging their learner logbook?

    I read somewhere that you can get fined $1000+ or jailed for a couple months if they catch you forging your learners logbook. Has this actually ever happened? Please no.
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    Which game should I buy?

    I'm torn on which game I should start playing, it's either gonna be WoW or Pokemon on the 3DS :> Both are releasing new stuff very soon, WoW with Draenor and Pokemon with the new ruby and sapphire. I feel like I would play WoW longer without getting bored, but I would have to buy a PC for it...
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    I got fined!

    Not sure where to post this so I'll just post it here. I got fined today $200 for having the incorrect ticket. I nearly fainted. Apparently I have to have a zone 2 ticket past Burwood -.- I've been using the fricken zone 1 for the entire year and I've been checked countless times and they only...
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    MBLG1001 Help!

    Uh, hi. Long story short MBLG is destroying me. I have a question here which just makes me go, "". Help? :) A method requires culturing stem cells in 1mL wells incubated at 27C in a humidified incubator. To induce the differentiation of these stem cells you must add...