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  1. blyatman

    Engineering Notes - Fluid mechanics

    For anyone interested, I've attached my notes on the subject of fluid mechanics. Even if there's no engineers here who are/plan to be in this field, I thought it'd be useful for even high school students to see the type of math that engineers use. Most notably, it applies a lot of the vector...
  2. blyatman

    Computational Engineering

    There are many out there who want to get into engineering, but aren't sure which stream is right for them. I've recently had many students ask me about my opinion on the best stream of engineering to get into, so I'll just share my thoughts here. This post is about Computational Engineering (or...
  3. blyatman

    Special relativity with acceleration: Mathematically solving the twin paradox

    To help fix the misconception that general relativity is required to tackle accelerations in special relativity, I've provided an example to demonstrate how to solve the twin paradox in special relativity. This example also illustrates how mathematics is utilised in physics (the language of...
  4. blyatman

    Incorrect teaching of units - will you lose marks for using the actual correct units?

    The issue I'm raising here has to do with the dimensional inconsistency of variable units in the HSC, particularly in the topic of exponential growth/decay. Consider the following problem involving the exponential decay of a mass m with initial mass 10 kg, which decays to a mass of 8 kg after 1...
  5. blyatman

    Why does BOS censor competitor website names

    I've never made a thread before, so I thought this would be a good one to begin with that can start some helpful discussion. Does anyone know why bos censors the mentioning of a-t-a-r-n-o-t-e-s? My cynical initial thought is that it's simply because they're a competitor, but I'd like to give...