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  1. Angel45


    Hi guys, Sorry, just a quick question. I've watched the mooting videos but still not sure.. In my task it says to ask the crt do they want u to dispense with citations... what type of thing would i say "if it pleases the court" or "with your honour's permission" - is there a proper way...
  2. Angel45


    Heya, Just wondering...when I want to seek leave for to dispense with full citations, what do I say? Thanks!
  3. Angel45

    Mooting - Distinguishing cases

    Hey guys, Just a quick question. Say you can only find a case which seriously doesn’t help ur side, and in fact supports the other side’s case…even if you can distinguish it from the facts, or say the Crt isn’t bound etc, do u have to offer an alternative? Coz I can just say "we submit blah...
  4. Angel45

    Student fares on public transport

    Heya! I barely ever catch public transport, but I did today for like the first time this yr and when I went to use my card to get a "student" rate the like printed rail thing on it says "2005" so I couldn't. My card doesn't actually expire untill 2008 but do I have to apply for something @...
  5. Angel45

    Property Law Spring 2006

    Heya all, Just wondering, is ur case book 2003? Mine is the 2nd edition, as the outline says, but 2003, not 2002. Just making sure same version, though i guess it doesn't really matter... Also, what's the difference between jnr counsel and senior counsel in terms of roles.. or do we just...
  6. Angel45

    Contracts Exam Question!!

    Hi, Just wondering, with the exam how do u think we reference? Just the case name or the whole lot – report, page etc. Normally it’s just been case name, he didn’t say much about it though, any thoughts for Contracts? Ta...and g/l
  7. Angel45

    Comm. Law and Ethics

    Heya, Is any1 on BOS doing Communication Law + Ethics this semester?
  8. Angel45

    Defamation - Approach to Problem Questions

    Heya, Has anyone done a defamation problem question? I have one which just has the article and then, "does any1 have an action in defamation available?" Do I have to state what the imputations are??? Because isn't it up the pl'ff to decide what he wants to argue it means...and even...
  9. Angel45

    Australian Movies

    Heya...I'm doing a uni project and just wanted your views on Australian cinema? What are your thoughts on them? What are your favourites and why? Are there any stories you'd like to see shown in an Australian movie? Do you think we should just not make movies and stick to sport??? Just any...
  10. Angel45

    Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

    Heya, I had "Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice" added to my WebCT somehow?? Any other law ppl. had it added?
  11. Angel45

    Stereotype Ads

    Heya guys, Can any1 think of a print ad.. or ad on tv that relies on a stereotype to understand it... like "assumed knowledge" Ta.
  12. Angel45

    UWS Connect Trips/Events

    I was just checking out the uws connect website and didn't even realise they offered these things. Has any1 been on one of their trips... or to one of their events??? Some listed incl. ski trip, hunter valley wine testing, melbourne trip...and things like harbour cruise...
  13. Angel45

    DIVA - Do you buy ur jewellery there?

    Hey guys, Just doing a uni project and was looking for any girlies who buy their jewellery from DIVA... or those that don't like it.. Be GREAT if you could answer all, or even a few, of these questions... Why do you shop at DIVA (in particular, why not elsewhere)? What are the...
  14. Angel45

    Social Clubs and Student Involvement

    Heya, I’m going into 2nd year and so I’m thinking I want to up the uni experience while it's not the hell of 4 or 5 yr, but i'm ova first year craziness...branch outside of my lectures and tutes … Anyone know of any good clubs to get involved in (most of the ones available to me when I...
  15. Angel45

    Property offences

    Heya, I'm just a bit confused re. property offences, mistakes...s124 and so forth...for crim law With regards to a unilateral mistake, can the accused be liable for larceny if, provided all the other elements of larceny are fulfilled, there was a fundamental mistake even if possession...
  16. Angel45

    2006 Timetable

    Hey, apparently the draft is out 2day....any1 know where u find it?
  17. Angel45

    Useless Textbooks

    Doesn't it frustrate you when a tutor/lecturer makes a textbook a set text and down the track you realise it has zero relevance and doesn't assist u at all in ur studies...there's no set readings 4 it or anything... that'll teach me to hold off 4 as long as possible... like I normally wait until...
  18. Angel45

    Penrith Shuttle - Feedback Needed

    Hey, Here's the thing, I got lumbered with figuring out "how a bus timetable for the UWS bus can be improved for student users." Stupid design task. Anywho, thing is.. I've never caught it in my life. Any feedback on how it works, problems, suggestions to improve it etc. would be gr8...
  19. Angel45

    Parra Law: Law Foundation and Criminal

    Hey, with regards to court attendance what's the general consensus re. detail... they didn't make everything explicit.. like not even always the charge... u reckon just as much as we got down will do?!? oh, and also, r we to be concerned with font size.. margins etc... like, are they...
  20. Angel45

    Not Being Given Enuf Exam Time

    What if u possibly weren't given enuf exam time as per the timetable? One of my exams right... like I can't be 100% sure but I swear we started reading at 3... and went to 6:00 (intro to law - EM05). thus, the 10 mins wasn't like on top of the 3hrs like it's meant to be...any1 in that room that...