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    7 Days to HSC

    How's everyone feeling?
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    Past papers

    Any tips on doing past papers?
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    When did the syllabus change?

    What past papers are up to date with the current syllabus? I think I remember my teacher saying it's 2012 but idk for sure.
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    What after trials?

    What am I supposed to do now? There's like 6 weeks to actual HSC exams which isn't much so I feel like I need to start studying for exams again. I'm gonna start doing past HSC and past trial papers but idk if there is better stuff to do. What is everybody doing now?
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    English trial plan

    I've got trials in like a week and I'm gonna start memorising quotes for my essays, if I want to be able to adapt my analysis to different questions, what kind of quotes do I need to look for? And, do I need a lot of different small quotes or a few big ones where I can just change the analysis...
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    What's a good % to aim for in practice papers and trials?

    At what point would you say you've prepared well enough, is it consistent 70/ 80/ 90 in practice papers? What even are some reasonable trial marks? I feel like getting an 80 would be really good since it covers all topics for all subjects but idk if that's too low of a mark. Maybe people who...
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    HSC trials?

    How is everyone gonna study for the trials? Or how have you studied in prev hsc years and was it good/bad? Curious what you guys are doing since this is very different to normal exams.
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    Positive effects of unemployment?

    Does anyone know what these are, if any? All I can think of is the incentive effect and lower inlation.
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    English how many quotes?

    How many quotes do you actually need per paragraph and does more quotes = better mark?
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    How important is it to make notes?

    So far in Y12 I've done pretty well on all my tests and assignments without falling for the notes meme. I never look at the syllabus or care about dot points, I just do important work in class and at home and prep for tests when they come up with the best plan I can come up with. I have friends...
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    Does this mean that Year 11 marks will count as internals for our HSC?

    "give Principals and system authorities the power to determine the number, type and weighting of tasks for Year 11 school based assessment, in line with the decision communicated last week for HSC students" That's from the NESA COVID19 committee, I don't understand if this means nothing for...
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    Modern history USA question

    If I'm given an essay on the effects of the Great Depression on different groups in society, do I have to talk about the New Deal at all or just the actual effects on people?
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    Has anyone done this and is it possible?

    I have unlimited free time these summer holidays, is is realistic to aim to complete all the HSC 2u unit math I need for the year? The work is not very difficult and I think this would be very beneficial as it would make my in school lessons revision and instead or in addition to homework I...
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    Going over word limit in English?

    Is there a set amount that I will lose or is it up to the teachers? Even if I go over and lose marks, if I have the perfect essay which is a true 100% and I go over and lose 5-10% or whatever it is that is still a really good mark. The only reason I'm not cutting words out is because my essay is...
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    Globalisation vs free trade (Economics)

    Can someone explain what are the pros and cons of globalisation in contrast to the advantages and disadvantages of free trade? I don't understand the difference between them.
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    How to study for bio?

    I have a skills test coming up and don't really know how to study for bio in particular because it's not like maths where there are questions and chapters to learn (my school doesn't have textbooks for bio so all our resources are printed worksheets) and it's not like modern where you can plan...
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    Are you allowed to start a language in Y12?

    I speak 2 languages and difficulty is not going to be a problem, can I enroll in a language course without doing it in Y11?
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    How to get good marks in visual arts major work?

    Title basically says it all, I don't really care what I need to do to get a good mark, I'll do it.
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    Should I drop to Standard English?

    So my Advanced English marks are really bad for Y11, all assessments were between 50% and 60% and I find the work really boring which is maybe related to the teacher but it doesn't matter since the teacher isn't going to change. It seems like an easy decision to drop to standard but I have done...