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    The Crucible by Arthur Miller related texts

    i've seen that "to kill a mockingbird" is a pretty helpful one!!
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    PIP topic ideas. What do examiners like?

    you're literally me but 6 years ago
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    How to approach a PIP

    This was really helpful!! Thank you so much!! :D
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    How to approach a PIP

    Hi !!!! This might be a very cliche post here but I'm going into Year 12 next term and we were told to come in with a plan on how to go with our PIPs. I don't know how to approach this because for our MINI PIP this year - everyone had the same topic given by the teacher! Any tips on what...
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    2021 HSC Chat

    ahh thank you so much! that's really sweet of you and yeah i think im just really dehydrated these days oops!!!!!! but woahhh you're doing great mate! look after yourself though and try get that early sleep ins because a restful night makes our days even better :)
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    2021 HSC Chat

    omg coms is so gross!!! i bid you good luck
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    2021 HSC Chat

    hahaaaa i'm doing alright!!! i keep wasting so much of my time though :( and lately i just feel sick whether it be needing to vomit or extreme dizziness so that's also been taking up my energy and time :( how are you going???
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    2021 HSC Chat

    this entire thread stresses me out :eek2::eek2::eek2::eek2:
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    Studying Politics at University?

    hello!! from what i know, ANU is pretty solid and friends can be made easily wherever you go - you just gotta find the right people (int students included)! but at the end, do choose the uni you want to go n are wanting to experience!! syd has some solid options as well such as unsw or perhaps...