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    B science

    Can anyone tell me how its like. how difficult it is, etc. because I'm interested in doing B comm and sci but I'm not too sure about the science since I'm an average student in biology.
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    Essay Feedback Please

    Could i get some feedback on my essay and what you think i would get out of 20. I wrote this while doing the 2016 paper in timed conditions and just typed up my response. Thankyou in advance
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    Occupational Therapy

    I was wondering if it is possible to do occupational therapy by doing a commerce degree and then maybe later on doing a masters in Occupational therapy, or would i have to do a science type bachelor degree? I'm asking this because i enjoy business and commerce and want to do something in...
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    Could you guys please give me a list of some biotechnologies. preferably some for past, present and future
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    IndoChina Essay Help

    Political, social, economic and military developments within North and South Vietnam How would you write an essay for this DP: I am a bit unsure since we should only have 3 body paragraphs
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    4.5 over 7 GPA??

    How hard is it to have a 4.5 over 7 GPA? I was interested in doing a masters of physio (2020 HSC grad) after doing a Bachelor and would need to have 4.5 over 7 gpa, and was just wondering if it's hard to maintain this (I'm an average student)
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    Selection Rank vs ATAR

    Could someone tell me the difference between selection rank and ATAR. e.g. Bachelor of exercise-physiology at UNSW has lowest ATAR of 75 for 2020 and lowest selection rank of 85
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    Trapezoidal rule

    When looking at questions on trapezoidal rule, some questions say using 5 subintervals whereas some say 5 function values, is there a difference between these? Because when finding height (b-a/n) i remember that for subintervals n is 4, whereas for function values n is 5, or am i wrong? Idk...
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    Pedigree Charts

    Could someone plz tell me any tips if we get a pedigree chart that we need to analyse in the exam. ik whether it is dominant or recessive, but how do we know if it is autosomal or sex linked? Any other tips would be helpful aswell
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    Common Mod Paper 1

    For the 2019 paper 1 essay on MOV - To what extent does the exploration of human experience in The Merchant of Venice invite you to reconsider your understanding of deception? If i had prepared an essay which didn't talk about deception, would it be fine if i said to little extent and focus on...
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    HSC Paper 2 Predictions???

    What do you guys think the essay questions will be/do you think they will be specific or general?
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    Paragraph feedback Plz

    Could i get feedback for this paragraph please. In what ways has your understanding of how texts represent individual and collective human experiences been enhanced by the study of your core text? Shakespeare conveys the human impulse towards autonomy, exploring the nature of individual...
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    For SRS on UAC, it says 'Applicants must have any courses they would like to be considered for an SRS offer included in their list of preferences by midnight' which was for 8Nov. Does that mean that if i change my preferences after this date, that i won't be considered for SRS or will it give...
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    Line of best fit?

    Do we always use line of best fit for graphs or can we join the points. When we use line of best fit how do we know when we keep the line straight and when we use a curved line?
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    Penrith 2020 Solutions?

    Does anyone have the solutions for the 2020 Penrith Bio trials? or sample answers?
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    Russia and Soviet Union

    Could someone please help me with this DP: - Reasons for the emergence of Stalin as leader of the USSR by the late 1920s Particularly with this reason -> Political Skills: manipulation and opportunism
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    Power and authority in the modern world

    Could someone please give me some points for this DP: The conditions that enabled dictators to rise to power in the interwar period
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    Does anyone have tips when doing optimisation questions? are there any good sources/videos on it?
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    How do you do these questions??

    Could someone help/explain q 11b, 13 (is there a proper way, i was only taught trial and error, and don't rlly understand the working from document) and question 28c Although there are answers on the document, i don't really understand how they did it.
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    Infectious Disease Help

    Does anyone have examples for the following syllabus DP (Mod 7): - assess the causes and effects of diseases on agricultural production, including but not limited to: o plant diseases o animal diseases