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    z^6 = -64 URGENT MATH question HELP

    how would i find the complex roots in z^6=-64. i know it involves seomthing like r^6(cos(theta)+isin(theta)...and something like k=0,1,2,3,4,5 but i cant remember.. URGENT!!!! need help!!!
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    HSC Biology Marathon 2016

    Seeing as the 2015ers are finished Biology and the 2016's are in year 12 now , I thought they should have a fresh new Biology Marathon. The purpose of this thread is to post and answer questions that other members post. Rules: 1) Answer the pending question before posting another question. 2)...
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    In honour of my distant ancestor NOSTRADAMUS and his "skill" that has been passed down to me through generation to generation, I would like to start the OFFICIAL 2015 HSC PHYSICS PROPHECIES. Official: Core: Standard Projectile Motion Question (because last year there was a tricky one) BCS...
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    HSC Physics MC Thread

    I'm goin to be having a lot of questions on Multiple Choice for Past HSC Physics so i thought i would post them in one thread. First question: Why is the answer B?
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    Help please!!!! Physiscs!!!

    what is a way i can do to help me answer this question??
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    VERY URGENT and easy question --> HELP

    how do i do this. I've never learnt this!!!
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    HSC 2014 2u QUESTION!

    With this question (iii) here: Can someone check my working out and tell me if i got 2/2 for it. I know i did more working than i should have done (i did it a longer way) but i would appreciate if someone could take a look at my working out. Question: Working:
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    anyone know any hard 2 unit locus questions?
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    Creative Writing URGENT HELP!

    Ok. I am trying to write in my short story: It was an extremely hot day and I was sweating, and the room had an unpleasant stench (because my character is in a nursing home with old people). I am struggling of coming up with a way to write this in my short story, so I can SHOW not tell...
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    stupid shit you've done in class

    I know this has probably been started before but whatever. Post some stupid things you have seen or done in class. I'll start with a few: Poured ethanol on floor of the classroom in chem and lit it on fire with a match. Was then struggling to put it out with a tiny beaker of water before it...
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    HSC 2007 Q26 DC Transformer possible??

    In the HSC 2007 Q26(a). "Explain why AC is preferable to DC as an input current for transformers" Does this mean that there are DC transformers if they are asking this? What even? And can someone help me answer this question as well. Thanks.
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    I get superconductors have losless transmission of electricity because theoretically there is zero resistance (due to BCS theory). But why does they produce strong magnetic fields that can be used for MRI and stuff?
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    Line of Best fit

    How do you know when you need to draw a curved line of best fit. Sometimes it seems like you could do both and it still matches. Usually I try to draw a line of best fit straight and then if my gut feeling tells me its curved then i do it curved. But is there any way to know for sure?
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    intro/Body Paragraph length for an ESSAY!!

    In Module A - 1984 and Metropolis (the comparative study and context module), my introduction is 170 words. Is that too much? What have other students done in Module A (regardless of texts) this year?
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    Superconductors and resistance

    Do superconductors really mean losless transmission, as there is absolutely ZERO resistance in wires? Because in all answers i have read they say things like, "negligible resistance", and "virtually no resistance". So can anyone clarify if superconductors have ZERO resistance, or is the...
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    HSC 2011 Bio question

    For Question 23: Several scientists were involved in determining the structure of DNA. To what extent did the quality of collaboration and communication between these scientists impact on their scientific research? 5 MARKS The board of studies answer says: "Watson, Crick, Franklin and...
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    How hard is it to get a mid-high BAND 4 in Advanced English

    Just wondering how hard it is to get a 75 to 78 examination mark in Advanced English? I'm at a rank 107th school, and am rank 12/20, with a mark of 72% in CSSA trial and around 80% overall (some tasks we had earlier in the year were marked easy, so I'm only going by my trial result).
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    Magnetic Flux question

    In a motor is the magnetic flux = BA OR magnetic flux = BAcos(theta)
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    Reliabilty and Accuracy Related?? Help!

    Is reliability affected by accuracy? Like if you had 5 results and averaged them all, however one of the results was an outlier, you would end up with an inaccurate result. Would this outlier now affect the reliability of the result, as if performed another 5 times but no outlier occurs, when...
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    pH question involving sig figures

    Is pH questions always 2 sig figures, or is it the lowest amount of sig. figures in the question. so can someone please clarify?