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    NOUN CASES - Nom, Akk, Dat, Gen

    hey.. i'm not sure here but can u just clarify... 'Some verbs are generally used with both akkusativ (blue) and dativ (red) after them: (nominative in green) bringen - Er bringt seiner Freundin Blumen.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"...
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    Your personal library

    I've only recently started collecting but have since put a year longs hold on my aquisitions, but my library currently consists of (from what i remember) - 1984, Orwell - BNW, Huxley - Harry Potter series - His Dark Materials trilogy by Pullman - The Catcher in the Rye- Salinger - To Kill a...
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    NOUN CASES - Nom, Akk, Dat, Gen

    i think you've made the next 6months of my life 129381031 times more useful nowthat i understand the basics. Thankyou so much.. i'm going to go and get this to sink in my head by doing some lovely german grammar exercises thanks!! Vielen, Vielen dank!
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    Deutsche Musik

    tokio hotel Jimmi Blue und Sido natuerlich hahaha nur Scherz
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    any short stories on the theme power

    i'm not sure whether you're asking for peoples personal stories on power written by themselves or if u want recommendations.. but if youre asking after the former than i'd recommend u rethink it... its best ifyoure looking for inpsirations etc to use for ur reflection etc that you use stories...
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    World Youth Day 08

    Good for our economy? How so? it's meant to be a pilgrimage which i thought = avoiding luxuries like beds/toilets and opting for sleeping bags in catholic schools and portoloos. theyre teenagers.. how much of an effect can they really make on our economy? even the 20893131238912390 ofthem after...
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    11 units vs 10units

    i'd probably keep it.. i wouldn't worry too much about the doubling up of exams interms of ur subject choice... that said, i didnt have two exams on one day and iknow from friends that pdh has alot of content (stilll u don't really need to cram much content for maths.. they should be skills u...
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    HSC and Family Pressure/Expectations

    Re: Pressure From Parents I had parents exactly the same.. for me they were so lenient.. let me go out whenever i wanted/do whatever i wanted, trusting that i was self motivated enough wheras for my younger (14 year old sis, year 9) they were/are so strict.. forcing her to study on weekends etc...
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    Always run out of time in exams? Yeah...

    urgh the HSC... of course it is in no way an adequate way of expressing the knowledge that a student may have after studying for 213981238 hours.. nor is it a measure of a students true writing skills etc. however if one is to increase the time limit.. say double it.. then one could argue that...
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    Reproductive donor laws in NSW

    People choose which Charity they want to donate to usually with some understanding of that charities emphasis.... Edit. What josie said.
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    I'm interested in a 16 year old

    1/2 her age + 7 = ethical! or so my math tutor told me before he... hhaha ;) jk.
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    Extension confusion

    Xuannnie! i totally agree with the first part... [even though i never actually followed the advice.. diving into the biggest piece of teenage angst what with a dead best friend etc...] but on the other bit about the word limit.. i've read marking notes where they've made specific points about...
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    It's rather pathetic but i started off with good ol' Wikipedia... firstly i researched my genre [metafiction] just to get an idea of authors in the genre/conventions etc and then i went into more specific research..[internet mainly] well i supposedly read many of the books within the genre... as...
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    young writer's showcase 2007

    hahha oh i feel so rejected. no mail for moi nevermind.. now my story remains 'unpublished' adni can sell it to some tabloid magazine ie Womans day for a measly $500 in some pathetic little competition about female heroines surpassing patriarchal dominance. hurrah! nevertheless...
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    Extension 2 English Journal

    For me personally the journal was heavily contrived towards the end. Initially i found it useful for sortingout my thoughts/plots/connections/relationships/revelations etc but after that my structure was fairly concrete so i didnt really find the need for the journal. Regardless i still went...
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    pimples? formals?

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    Anyone Else Abhore Personality Question?

    I adored it! i did leni riefenstahl and said she both was influenced by events [ie rally and seeing hitler, and overall her opporunistic nature etc..] and that she shaped events [as a film a photojournalist etc... and then i went into some of her techniques and how that changes...
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    Ok, one horrible word: CLOUDSTREET

    hahha.. Harry Bannister.. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! rarrrrr
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    BOS Showcase: 2007 Major Works

    That was brilliant :) somewhat inspired by Nicklebacks 'Someday'?