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  1. Huy

    2003 HSC Exam Paper *INSIDE*

    2003 HSC Exam Paper INSIDE - OFFICIAL discussion thread Hey guys, I finished 20 minutes early, and they let me take the exam paper home. I'll get this exam paper up onto the Internet before the exam even finishes (officially), LOL! :p :D I finished at 4:35pm or thereabuts and just give me...
  2. Huy

    Data accuracy, integrity, redundancy & validation

    I hope it's okay if I post my PM that I received this morning, incase others will (in the future) ask the same question. We'll start by defining the abovementioned terms (in the subject). Data accuracy - the extent to which data is free from errors. That is, accurate data does not...
  3. Huy

    Cut Theatre - King Lear *notes inside*

    Okay, so freaking_out has been enquiring about the Cut Theatre production of King Lear, so I've decided to type up some notes that I have (it will be a long post), since I don't have a scanner, fax or any friends who would be willing to help (strangers). These notes were from the 2002 and...
  4. Huy

    Possible/Past Questions on the AOS

    Another sticky please mods? :eek: Links in well with the possible/past HSC (and trial) questions for Modules A, B and C; English (Advanced) forum :) Area of Study: Change Focus Changing Perspective Question 3 (HSC 2002) (b) Focus Changing Perspective Write a feature article for a...
  5. Huy

    Possible Questions for Frontline

    Mods, please make this thread a sticky, tying in with Modules A (BNW/BR) and B (King Lear). Thanks :) Module C: Representation and Texts Question 11 Elective 1: Telling the Truth (Catholic Trial 2001) Write a speech for an audience of young adults in which you examine the idea that the...
  6. Huy

    CSSA IPT 2003 Trial

    How did you guys go? Any difficulties? Time management problems? I thought I would have performed A LOT better than I had. I came late to the exam, I assigned the '40 minutes' for multiple choice, although I finished it in about 5-10 minutes. BUT there was one question which...