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  1. Kulazzi

    Topnotes publishing details?

    Hi guys, I just needed to pop in here for a request. I'm deeply analysing Martin Luther King's speech "I have a Dream" in one of my assessments for an English unit. My cousin had just finished her HSC and gave me some photocopies of King's speech study guide from the Speeches book published...
  2. Kulazzi

    Login session timeout (!!!)

    Hi guys, Just a small problem. I was typing a very long and [i]very helpful reply to one of the S&C students. And then when I pressed enter: "Sorry, you are not logged in orwhateverthemessagewas" That said, I lost ALL of the information which I have typed up and instead just replied with a...
  3. Kulazzi

    ATW and ETW exam on same day! ARGH!

    So, who else has Australia and The World and English, Text Writing exam on the same day (next wednesday)? I cannot believe they're on the same day with a 4 hour gap in between. :bomb:
  4. Kulazzi

    University or High School?

    University, TAFE or High School? Personally I find uni better because for one I'm getting better marks (80+ ;)) then I was during the HSC (only between 50-70) and also because there is no set syllabus to follow (well not for arts anyway, not sure about othe degrees) you can just speak your mind...
  5. Kulazzi

    She's The Man?

    Hi guys! Has anyone seen this movie? I plan on going to Burwood tomorrow to watch it but not sure if its good. The plot seems ok though
  6. Kulazzi

    Fujitsu Tablet - Stylistic (ST5031)

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of buying the Stylistic - ST5031 by Fujitsu, but I'm not sure if it's ok. I'm only going to need it to take to uni and write notes and type up assignments but I'm not going to actually use it in the lectures. Here's a link...
  7. Kulazzi

    Hairdressers: How many times per year?

    Hey guys, I'm going on wednesday for a trim on my hair cos its very long and I just want to even it out at the bottom. I was just chatting with a friend last week and told her that the last time I went to the hairdressers was near the end of 2003, when I got it cut to shoulder length. She...
  8. Kulazzi

    Ok, so how does it work?

    Hey guys! I just viewed the timetable for the arts degree. I just want to get this sorted out. I'm doing BA at my own campus. And within the BA, these courses/majors/subjects/whatever are offered for the autumn session coming up. So if I have these subjects: Australia and the world, culture...
  9. Kulazzi

    Guide To The Writing Of The PIP

    Guide To The Writing Of The PIP Kevin Steed Head Teacher Commercial Studies St Marys Senior High School Introduction First Paragraph • What is your PIP about and why did you choose the area of enquiry? Second Paragraph • What is your central hypothesis? ie what are you...
  10. Kulazzi


    Hey guys, I'm doing the theory part of my textile MW graphically on computer (eg, inspiration pages). I was just wondering if anyone knows how to change the page layout in MS Word/Fireworks to A3? Or do I just change it to "Folio"? Any help appreciated, Thanks, Kulazzi
  11. Kulazzi

    Religion and Adolescent Identity - PIP Questionnaire

    Hey guys! As you know, form the heading, my pip is on Religion and Adolescent Identity. Here's the questionnaire so I'd be really please if anyone would fill it out. I may choose some of you to do an individual interview. Anyone can fill it out, even if you are an...
  12. Kulazzi

    What should I do?

    Okay, I'm sure you've read my comments about my teacher before. I wanted to change to the other class which is on line 6 and it doesn't clash with anything b/c that's when I usually have my frees. I went to the deputy today and she said it's up to my teacher, I went to my teacher and told...
  13. Kulazzi


    Hey guys, I'm just re-writing my notes however there are no strengths or weaknesses for the systems/contingency theory in my textbook. Are there any at all? Thanks, Kulazzi
  14. Kulazzi

    Business Studies Lecture/Seminar

    Hey guys, I just got this from my teacher today. As the heading says. Here are details. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Topics covered: Business Management and Change & Financial Planning and Management Location: Merewether Lecture Theatre...
  15. Kulazzi

    "US searching for weapons in Iran: report"

    Great. That's the next step they're gonna take in order to try and continue the war against terrorism. Freakin hell man! :cool: US searching for weapons in Iran: report 13:08 AEDT Tue Jan 18 2005 US commandos have already begun searching for secret chemical and nuclear weapon sites in...
  16. Kulazzi

    Primitive Functions Problem

    Hey guys! I'm just (trying) to finish off an exercise that we were supposed to do before the holidays came. Well, I tackled it this morning and I have 6 problems that I cannot seem to solve from this exercise. I'll post them up, type up what I tried to do to solve them, and please, anyone...
  17. Kulazzi

    SAM info

    hey guys, ok, I put in my estimated marks I'll get for my HSC :rolleyes:. With the mathematics course in it I get 83, however if i put general in I get 90. So, should I really drop down to aim for a higher UAI and if I do, will I get scaled down because everyone else in the grade didn't go...
  18. Kulazzi

    Who went to the Kogarah Fashion Parade?

    Hey guys, anyone go to the fashion parade by Kogarah tafe students today? It was cool. It happened at the Venus Reception lounge and I think there were about two other girl schools there. Anyone also going to the whitehouse institute of design "Texstyle Exhibition" on the 16th of December?
  19. Kulazzi

    Suggested related material for Inner Journey

    Hey guys, ok, my teacher gave us a photocopy from that small "My Place" book and it has some list of related materials in it plus a brief description for Inner Journey so then you guys can just search it up or buy it for more info. Here they are, please excuse any typos: Inside Black...
  20. Kulazzi

    Prelim Yearly Results!!! :-D

    ok, now everyone post up their results! :D I'll start off with mine. Now I gotta admit, I didn't go too well but I believe I could've done better with more revision etc. etc. Business Studies - currently 71% - still awaiting for the extra marks from the tricky questions ;) English...