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  1. torismith2000

    Distinctly Visual 'Run Lola Run'

    Im in need of some major help :cry: I have a visual representation to do on 'Run Lola Run' and how its distinctly visual using examples of the motifs and symbols relating to time. I chose to do a website and am having trouble in writing the rationale. Please if anyone could give me notes or...
  2. torismith2000

    The curious incident of the dog in the night-time HELPPPPP

    HEY everyone, I have an English essay I have to do in a couple of days and I'm completely stuck I've just been staring at it for hours so if anyone could give me advice, point me in the right direction or could even give me notes id really appreciate it. THE QUESTION: How has Haddon conveyed...
  3. torismith2000

    Modern History HELPPPPP

    :cry: ‘Events shape people more than people shape events’ How accurate is this statement in relation to the personality Leni Riefenstahl? If anyone could give me some help id really appreciate it I'm totally stuck and have know idea where to start, its due on my birthday and I really want...
  4. torismith2000

    Standard English Help

    Heyy guys I've got Away by Michael gow as my prescribed text for English and I'm having a lot of trouble finding a related text (discovery) and would really love some help also if anyone has notes that relates I would really appreciate it xx